10 PSOne Classics we’d love to see on PSN | Digitally Downloaded

There is still a huge number of PlayStation games that are not available for download on the PSN. The reasons might be varied – licenses expired, companies gone, newer games available, but that doesn’t change the fact that it would be great to go back and replay through some old classics. Here are 10, perhaps less well-known, PSOne Classics that would be great to see revived on the PSN.

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e-p-ayeaH2491d ago

My personal favorite 2D platformer needs love from Sony cmon man!

mt2491d ago

wow man that game one of the best game i have ever played on psone. i wish sony release new one or at least Tomba 1 , 2

Oldsnake0072491d ago

Where the hell is crono cross ?

it's only on the japanese psn

pissef me off that they can't release it on Eu or NA-psn.

Frulond2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Silent Hill has been on US PSN for a long time...

MattS2491d ago

If you can get it in your region, then brilliant! This list is from someone who uses the Australian PSN. :-)

Hope this clarifies!

NateCole2491d ago

I still don't understand why you Aussies don't use the NA PSN.

You can easily get a PSN voucher from US Amazon to feed a US PSN account you can create.

This is what i do. I never use my CC on PSN which i am really glad i didn't considering what happend.

MattS2491d ago

It's just a matter of convenience, really. I have a Japanese PSN account as well, and between them I get to play *most* games (and two PSPs to link to those two accounts) Even from the list above, there's only three or so games that the Americans have that the Aussies are missing out on at the moment.

But, given the value of the Australian dollar now, setting up an American PSN account as well is looking better and better...

dalibor2491d ago

Yeah I feel you on that front. The Japanese PSN has Einhander, a side scroll shoot 'em up game, that is only available on their PSN and not the Euro, Ameri, or Aussie PSN's. which I'd love to get. I don't understand why Sony doesn't just make all regions have the same content. Probably having to do with laws or specific license agreemens. I'd love for Road Rash, the first Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 to make an appearance. Oh and how could I forget, Mechwarrior and my avatar MDK. Might as well add Parrapa the rapper I think and why not Nightmare Creatures to name a few more I have not seen yet.

gaden_malak2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Based on the current dollar value, I'm just going to buy America.

"I don't understand why Sony doesn't just make all regions have the same content"

This is about the only thing I can find on it.

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kreate2491d ago

few of them are already on North America PSN.
sorry aussi PSN users.

but i rather have these in a HD collection blu ray disk instead of a psn download.

MattS2491d ago

Other than Silent Hill, which of those games are available on US PSN stores?


kreate2491d ago

i would have to confirm to be 100% sure but if i remember correctly, harvest moon and FF tactics should be on the NA psn store.

MattS2491d ago

In that case, I am really jealous of the American store.

kreate2491d ago

sorry.. man. but i guess if we were friends, i can set u up with a account that already has those games so u can just download them on ur ps3.

e-p-ayeaH2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Jade Cocoon is definitly one classic i would buy ASAP it would go online to play on my PSP/PS3.


Miraak82 2491d ago

They need to bring lunar and lunar 2:eternal blue, classics!!!!

banjadude2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Well... if you have a PSP, you can grab the EXCELLENT Lunar 1 "remake" for it.

banjadude2490d ago

Oh... then here's hoping to a PSN release!

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