Spiritual Successor to Counter-Strike Moves to Open Beta

New details have emerged for Tactical Intervention, an upcoming free-to-play first person shooter created by Minh Le, one of the co-creators of the original Counter-Strike. The game, which is based on a variant of the Source engine used in the Left 4 Dead series, is being hailed as the spiritual successor to Counter-Strike that Le has wanted for several years. Currently in beta, the game draws many favorite features from the original game, as well as adding many new touches that promise to intensify gameplay.

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warrior99882705d ago

oh my god finally i cant wait

256bit2705d ago

.........nvm you obviously didnt bother to read the site or check out the video.

warrior99882705d ago

i signed up for the beta starting may

M4I0N32705d ago

yeah, im in the beta aswell, starts on 6th May. Can't wait to try it.

madara0sama2705d ago

Hmmm seems very interesting.

antauwnehart2705d ago

My expectations are very low.

NarooN2704d ago

Can't wait. Has to be better than CS: Source (Source sucks complete balls, 1.6 is still much superior to it.)