NYT: PSN Breach, Why You Should Remain Calm

New York Times writes; "Fans of Sony’s PlayStation already were upset that they couldn’t go play their favorite video games with their friends on the Internet. The PlayStation’s online network has been down since last week in the aftermath of a hacking incident."

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2792d ago
doctorstrange2792d ago

Stupid, dangerous advice from someone who can't tell the difference between groups like anonymous and those after our money.

Be safe, be cautious.

crxss2792d ago

I'm not too worried about it.

A) My email password isn't the same as my PSN password
B) I recently lost my credit card and had to get a new one anyways so the old card linked with PSN wont work
C) This will eventually get resolved and Sony has to do something to redeem themselves. I'm hoping for a free copy of InFamous 2.

Dart892792d ago

Because it's not the end of the world.

Otheros002792d ago

I never though I would see a nytimes article on this site.

chriski3332792d ago

wow so i guess this story is getting very big man i hope they catch these dickheads fast and they do hard time

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