Column: Sony should use PlayStation Plus to compensate PSN users

The fallout of Sony’s chaotic PlayStation Network hacking crisis is going to result in massive losses for the company. How will Sony compensate consumers for their personal information being stolen, like their names, addresses, PSN account usernames & passwords, and credit card information?

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2790d ago
cbakehorn2790d ago

More of a theoretical than anything.

Tyler Durden2790d ago

Not a bad idea at all. Frankly, I dont know why Sony did not do this when they first released PS Plus.

potedude2790d ago

That would make us pissed off gamers feel better, plus it would showcase their subscription based offerings. I bet if they did that after 6 months a LOT of people would then continue to pay for PS+

LOGICWINS2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Yep, good idea. AND when the 6 months are up, TONS of people will renew it because they'll miss the exclusive content.

Maintain consumer confidence/Get more people on PS Plus in the long-term.


EDIT: And it would be so awesome sauce if they started it in June cause ud have a PS Plus subscription for the rest of the year AND ud get to experience the UC3 and RE3 betas.

AND its something that Sony can brag about at E3.

badz1492790d ago

introduce many to PS+ and PS+ users get more free months on top of their existing subscription.


6 months is pushing too much! 3 is more like it!

potedude2790d ago

Yeah I was kinda thinking of my own selfish desires. I think if it happens a month would be the most realistic.

Still, one can wish...

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Blacksand12790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

1.If your online for free and not a PS Plus member you don't have a reason to be crying about being compensated.

2.How doing we know if the person info got stolen he could've did it his self, some people give there friend there password on the PSN to downloading stuff from there file i did it for my friend.

3.We all know when Geohot got the key what was going to happen. but i beleve someone on the inside gave them the key.

starcb262790d ago

I just wanna play already :\
That's how they can compensate me.

chriski3332790d ago

i say 3 months of ps plus i think its fair but most of all i just want to play my games online

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ThePsychoGamer2790d ago

Sounds like a good idea, Sony could make amends and advertise a great service at the same time, but a year, at most three months.

cbakehorn2790d ago

Perhaps a year was a bit much, but 3-6 months would be fair.

Zydake2790d ago

No that's dumb then what would they give current PS+ Users?

cbakehorn2790d ago

More time to use PS+ for free, just like everyone else.

They don't need to do anything special for the subscribers, but they definitely should compensate for the down-time, which they are apparently not doing.

MrBeatdown2790d ago

I wouldn't say "they are apparently not doing" it. They are likely focusing on getting PSN up first. Compensating users will likely come after, and possibly be based on the length of the downtime.

ThePsychoGamer2790d ago

Subscriptions stack, so they would get however long Sony gives normal PSN users added on top of there current subscription.

Rybakov2790d ago

by making it free? wouldnt that just put them back to square one?

unknownhero11232790d ago

it would if it didn't have a time limit but if a limit of 3 months was placed then, in thoery, it would gain more subscribers.

Rybakov2790d ago

true true

i still see no point in ps plus so i prolly wouldnt take the offer but its great for anyone who dose

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