Turtle Beach Earforce PX5 Review

BroKenGaMezHD from GamesOnSmash review the Turtle Beach PX5 Headset
one of the best gaming headset we saw at PAX East.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Takin these back to best buy for a refund.Everybody complains that their voices echoe when I enter the party,luckily I have my Astro A40's as backup.The px5's I had also crackled and popped quite a bit.For $250 dollars I expected alot more.Gonna order the 2011 7.1 wireless Astro A40's this week!

Echo3072671d ago

I've had nothing but perfect experiences with the PX5. I actually have a 2011 set of A40's I'm looking to sell.

moeqawama2671d ago

How much? As long as they work fine and are in good condition, serious buyer here

crazyclown2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

a40's are much better for the price and the quality...just got two pairs 2011 version w/ the mixamp 5.8 = total awesomeness (1 for free; Astro has great customer service they sent me the wrong color and they said I could keep that one and then they sent another one for free)

Foolsjoker2671d ago

Looking into getting a pair of Tritton AX720's just because i cant afford the full price for the Astro A40's. Crazyclown are you looking to sell your spare Mixamp?

crazyclown2670d ago

I only received a free A40 headset not 2 mixamps (I wish haha)...if that was the case I would of sold the set

Foolsjoker2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

I'm looking for a headset, been reading and watching reviews for weeks. This guy really needs to organize his thoughts before filming.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I've had nothing but problems with the pair I purchased.Maybe just an isolated incident,can't be for sure.I do know this,with every other wireless device running on 2.4 including these headsets,there's bound to be problems.The second day I had'em,they kept kicking me off xbox live.Finally got em to work in tandem with live then the noise and feedback starts.Just ordered the 7.1 astro a40 wireless set,paid the extra hundred for overnight delivery.In total the price came to $399.95,fuck it! I take my gaming seriously.....echo307.....Than ks ,but no thanks...I don't buy used!

byeGollum2670d ago

I'm alright with my Trittons ax180s lol ... these guys are overkill