Tales of the Abyss 3DS details – improved load times/frame rate, sequel talk, more

Makoto Yoshizumi discusses improvements/changes over the PS2 version of Tales of the Abyss and talks about a sequel.

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ZeroX98762791d ago

SEQUEL TALKS!!!!! YEAH!!! Do want!
if buying tales of the abyss 3DS, graces F and xilia would help a sequel of abyss coming out, then count me in!

Infernostew2791d ago

Abyss was awesome so the last thing I want is a lame tacked on sequel like Symphonia had. Tales should just stick to doing new entries to the series.

PlayerX2791d ago

I loved the Symphonia sequel. It was awesome.

ZeroX98762790d ago

maybe not every one is happy to hear about a possible sequel, but I think if given enough time and effort, a sequel could be a great experience, since Abyss is my favorite Tales.
Just the good amount of drama, romance and action and so much customization!

the sequel to symphonia wasn't that bad. The only thing that I found that was not very good about it was the map. Not being an open-world map was a bad choice from tales studio. But I still enjoyed it.

STK0262791d ago

So, have they confirmed a NA release, or are we still getting information regarding the japanese release?

Redempteur2791d ago

"Character models rebuilt to improve performance"

this means less polygons ..
they didn't have that much on PS2 .....dammit this is a real shame

"No other additions, no new weapons/artes"

not even a spécial hidden skill ????

"Load times have been improved on significantly"

you bet !it's on a cart now ..

"Skits will remain unvoiced"

a real shame ..skits are really important to the atmosphere in tales of games... and voices DO HELP

Infernostew2791d ago

I know... Namco isn't doing a whole lot to make me want to buy a 3ds, as much of a tales of fan as I am. I'll pass on a port of a game I already played minus the load times and whatever 3d effect the game has.

STK0262791d ago

Well, they say they had trouble getting the entire PS2 game on a cart, specifically sound data, so it's not really surprising of them to not create more of it.

It would have been nice though.

RyuCloudStrife2791d ago

I'll pick this up most def. Thats why I buy handhelds for awesome RPGs