Zero Punctuation reviews The Orange Box

This week, Yahtzee opens the Orange Box.

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arcadegoal4073d ago

I only got orange box for team f2 because i played hf2 already it was grate but am sooo disapointed i carnt play tf2 because of supper bad lag i know microsoft are releaseing a patch but shouldnt this have been sorted before the dam game was released.Do they test the online part of the game before they release it i dont think valve did so hurry up and send me my patch please tf2 awaits.or ill send you the game back with a note from the office of fair trading.

4073d ago
jay34073d ago

Can i get a hell yeah? This guy is awesome.

grifter0244073d ago

Hell ya! This game is very good, before I never played HL2 only maybe the boat scene for a couple of minutes and thought it was a so so game, but now that I have played it for a while I love it! Valve got everything right the atmosphere, the music, the weapons, the physics! How come noone else an make a game this good? I love this game now and I cant put it down I mean I dont even play Halo3 anymore since I thought that was a disappointment but man HL2 is such a good game and I havent even gone to episode 1 or 2 yet! The only thing I dont like is the freezing and the whole loading all the time it would have been better if they fixed that but ohh well its still an awesome game.

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