What if: Microsoft didn’t have Halo


What if the Xbox never had Halo?

It is November 15th, 2001 and today is the first retail release day of the original Xbox. The highlights among the launch title list are Oddworld, PGR (Project Gotahm Racing), and Dead or Alive 3. With no flagship title to get behind the Xbox is off to a slow start in terms of sales.

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iamnsuperman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Possibly no 360....Halo is big so big Apple were going to buy Bungie for the Mac but Microsoft swooped in. Probably the smartest moves Microsoft has ever done. Halo is responsible for the birth and popularity of the Xbox brand

crimsonfox2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

playing halo at an internet cafe across the street from my high school ruined my life haha
but honestly microsoft did something amazing with console multiplayer and halo and no one could deny that.

BTW why is this in the PS3 tab?

Max Power2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

From the look of the description it is because of those games being mentioned.

EDIT: Obviously not those game, but perhaps some other games with in the article.

MaxXAttaxX2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Honestly, I think we all know where the Xbox would(or wouldn't) be if it wasn't for that ONE game.

Halo truly was something special on the Xbox. Not just because it was the only game, but also because it was good. It was truly something for the Xbox-exclusive crowed.

Unfortunately, now that it's name is more...out there, it just doesn't hold up the same it used to among multiple other good games.

KeiserSosay47882789d ago

Unfortunately because, imo, damage control...
N4G has been becoming predictable for awhile.

YourCall2789d ago

Bottom line, they do have Halo. So get out of dream land and come back to reality. A more realistic question would be when the hell is Sony going to FIX PSN.

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ji32002789d ago ShowReplies(1)
BiggCMan2789d ago

Agreed, Halo alone made Microsoft a big name in console video games. If it wasn't there, the Xbox would have failed, simple as that. Still, this sentence bugs me. "Combined Halo and Halo 2 have sold 13.5 million copies. While that may not seem impressive, the original Xbox in total sold 24 million units worldwide."
Ok, whether a console has sold 20 million, or 150 million units, 13.5 million units for 2 different games is a phenomenal accomplishment. Who on earth would not call that impressive? Would that be the people that think if you don't sell Call of Duty numbers, than you aren't successful? That sentence made no sense.

MrDead2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I loved halo but the game that made me love the first xbox was Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, for a consle game back then i was very impressed.

Peaceful_Jelly2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

But it wasn't Halo as a game what made the Xbox what it is today, it was its online multiplayer that it was so easily accessible from a gameplay standpoint and user friendly (compared to the old PS2) interface of the XBL. But Halo is not what it used to be anymore, Call of Duty is now the new Halo for the Xbox... and PS3.

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Bell Boy2789d ago

what if the moon was cheese?

BeAGamer2789d ago

then it would be a massive cheezit

blumatt2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Well, Halo is definitely MS's biggest title and it's what caused alot of people to switch from PS2/3 to Xbox/360 through the years. Had MS not had Halo, there very well could have never been a 360. It was that influential of a game.

Honestly, I think MS might have struggled without Halo, at least in the early years. Now, they're more established and would be okay without Halo.

antauwnehart2789d ago

They really didnt need halo to be with the franchise is good for some nice pocket change for microsoft. Before you disagree halo has potential to be something great it just hasn't really done that in the past and while I enjoyed halo 1 and 3 they could have been so much better.

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