Gamer Limit Portal 2 Review

Fearing a tepid reception as a full standalone title, Valve first released Portal with the Orange Box alongside a host of well-established titles at a bargain price. Little did they know that just few short years later that little three-hour long bonus game would be one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved titles in recent history.

Now that they’re back to deliver a full blown sequel, one large question is raised. Does Portal 2 live up to the original, or will we need cake and grief counseling at the conclusion of this review?

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MaxOpower2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

that seams low.....

Ha ha, love that it got 10 for Sound but only an 8 for gamplay

Hagaf222642d ago

I agree, I didn't really go through the first one too much, but this one is an absolute blast. I get the longevity mark down but everything else is amazing. But all reviews are opinions. Some we agree with, others we don't.