Retailers Disappointed In HD Video Launch

The launch of high-definition blue-laser optical disc formats has been a disappointment. That was the consensus of a panel of mostly specialty A/V consumer electronics retailers speaking at the recent DisplaySearch HDTV Conference.

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specialguest4105d ago

ahh im getting dizzy... do they not know how to use paragraphs when writing an article?

xboxlj4103d ago

hold "ctrl" and use your scroll wheel.

original seed4105d ago

The article needs to be re-written

omansteveo4103d ago

Gamesite not Moviesite...mmmmkay

dikturbo4103d ago

Who in their right mind would side with either format? No industry standard equals consumer apathy and lack of interest. Who wants to be on the 'losing' side of a purchase. Standardize the format and you will see the acceptance rate skyrocket. Its not about the money, nobody wants to be standing there with a worthless $1000 Beta, MD etc.

omansteveo4103d ago

Kingboy is a loser more proof he doesnt read articles he just sees "HD video" associates it wth 360 and votes cool

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