Sony PS3 data breach highlights what a loser I am

CBS: Every night it's the same forlorn ritual. I watch my TV, read my books, chase the cat into the bathroom and back ... all in a vain effort to fill the gaping emptiness inside. Invariably at some point my hands reach for the beloved black controller, where I try - even though I know it won't work, but still you never know - to log on to the online network of my Sony PS3 game console.

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movements2787d ago

Sony is working hard to be better. I"ll give them a second chance!

Pixelated_Army2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

"True confession: I think years of working in the news business have hardwired my brain to require this energy rush/adrenaline surge of multitasking. And when I get home my poor junkie brain turns to video games for another adrenaline fix.

It's not good."

At least he's honest about his addiction. ^_^

DeFFeR2787d ago

The PS3 didn't highlight what a loser this guy was - this article did...

Chasing your cat? Really? Don't you realize that 99% of us "gamers" can actually live a normal life for a few days during this inconvenience?

These types of "mainstream" articles, ones that my parents might read for example, just give more ammo to the "gamers have no life/friends/jobs/are fat/ etc" stereotypes; that we have to resort to chasing cats around our houses/apartments...

So - No, the PSN (Not PS3...) data breach didn't highlight how much of a loser you are... your dumb article did.

RyuStrife2787d ago

Well, we take things for granted.

HoangLow2787d ago

to many good games from them, i'll never give up on sony

Blaze9292787d ago

really? CBS News wrote this? smh, what is this Blogs 4 Gamers? Who cares what a loser you are.

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The story is too old to be commented.