December PSM Review Scores, Ratchet 9.5/10

Ratchet and Clank: ToD - 9.5 "PS3's Best Game Yet"

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 - 9.0

Guitar Hero III - 9.0

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow - 9.0

NBA 08 - 8.0 (PSP - 8.5)

NBA Live 08 - 8.5

NHL 08 - 8.5

NHL2k8 - 8.0

Silent Hill Origins - 8.0

Folklore - 8.0

DiRT - 8.5

Conan - 7.5

Sega Rally Revo - 7.5

Juiced 2 - 6.0

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skynidas4078d ago

Ratchet And Clank is a must buy for every ps3 owner

nasim4078d ago

UNCHARTED,HAZE ---all coming this year in 2007

ORANGE BOX ,COD 4 all due this year

good for PS3

Snukadaman4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

if it doesnt break 100k on that first week,I will not be surprised. 4 people disagree yet cant back up your feelings with comments...whats wrong you guys also not too confident that it will sell 100 K as well??

PS360WII4078d ago

I don't know about must buy for every PS3 owner. I never cared for R&C but hurray for a good score

sonarus4078d ago

honestly i didnt really care for ratchet and clank either but after playing the demo i have to say am a little bit excited. Am definetly buying it and i will definetly enjoy it the graphics looks excellent and i honestly havent played a decent platformer in a while. Has potential to rival mario 64. You can fly with robo wings you got the jello weapon the game jst seems like it offers so much more than what they have shown so far. and it actually has some length unlike hsword, gears of war and most other games these days 14hrs.

beavis4play4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

what do you care how many copies a game sells? you don't make anything off of it.
it looks like the game is going to be great. the demo is lots of fun.
the game with 50 cent was awful, but it had big sales.anyways, i don't get why you or anyone else would care about if a game sells. all i care about is if a game i want is going to be fun. and ratchet looks like it's going to be a blast.

on a side note-what do you think about chargers picking up chris chambers? looks like it will really help take pressure of tomlinson.

Snukadaman4077d ago

People not buying games right now sets a precedent that ps3 owners are not into buying games but only blu-ray movies...where does that leave me as a gamer when i want too jump into buying the ps3? With one game on my must buy list for the ps3(god of war 3) developers will not care too make games for the ps3. its a fact my friend.

On the acquisition of the Chargers getting Chambers it makes our offense stronger with both Antonio Gates and Tomlinson being the main scorers on the team and now gives defenders more people too keep a eye on which is we need some work on our offensive line so rivers can get the ball too his wide receivers.

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Leg-End4078d ago

is it natural to look forward to this more than mario?

Violater4078d ago

but I am scared of those fans, they don't take prisoners.

All in all from the Demo the Ratchet score seems well deserved, one of the few demo's I have played on multiple occasions, following the ranks of Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword.

khellendros14078d ago

Yeah it's ok. I'm looking forward to it more than Mario. Way more.

marshman4078d ago

Isomniac always puts AAA games. cant wait

YoMeViet4078d ago

smackdown vs. raw got a 9......whoa...

Kratos_Kart20074078d ago

Maybe the game is not a Rehash like all the others

pilotpistolpete4078d ago

Yes, the scores seemed a little generous. Conan , 7.5?

sonarus4078d ago

i played the demo on xbox and i thought it was worse than last yrs. I was actually gonna buy the new 1 for ps3 but after playing it on the xbox i cnt knw. They have taken away the fun factor out of it. smack dwn 2006 was the last good smack dwn IMO. However if the reviews are 9's all round i will still go ahead and buy and hope they leave the controls alone nxt yr