Gears of War 3: If It's Broken, Don't Fix It.

Bobby Rivera writes, "The Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta has arrived recently and it has a very clear message for series fans: fuck it. What many would have hoped would be a glimpse at a game developer Epic has taken the tagline “Bigger, badder more badass” and applied it to, turns out to highlight the series unwavering problems rather minimizing the issues."

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xTruthx2790d ago

Wut......."If its broken, dont fix it"

eggbert2790d ago

He's referring to the fact that EPIC will probably not fix the issues he feels are in the game.

Rybakov2790d ago

actually gears 3 is much more soundly built then 1 or 2 but obviously still has its problems being a beta demo

ComboBreaker2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"If It's Broken, Don't Fix It."

ImHereNow2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

the author doesnt know what the fuck he's talking about

I must have smashed his face in too many times in the beta. so he runs and writes an article on how the game is broken and somehow there is lag on DEDICATED SERVERS

how bout you get some skills son

JeffGUNZ2790d ago

@ Imherenow. Actually, he is right. For a majority of people, dedicated servers don't exsist. I started the beta on Monday, it was on dedicated servers all night, ran smoothly and was flawless. The last two nights were P2P connection and God awful. We lagged out of matches and bullet delay was identical to Gears 2. Some people are lucky enough to get into the dedicated servers and if you are, then cheers for you. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, we're getting to test there god awful P2P connection (most likely a back-up if the servers ever crash). The last two nights really have me pissed that I first played with dedicated servers, which were perfect, then the last two nights have played on P2P matches. I have had "Game closed: Host left match" and migrations left and right.

I do get it, it's a beta and they want to test EVERYTHING out. But come on, don't advertise dedicated serves for the beta and then give a lot of people P2P BS. It's a let down and EPIC better get their shit together.

Scissorman822789d ago

agreed with the whole dedicated servers bit. but the fanboys just won't see passed it.

IHateYouFanboys2790d ago

what an absolutely ridiculous article lol.

"For a beta, Gears 3 feels noticeably faster which isn’t in and of itself a bad thing"

its actually much slower paced than the others. roadie running has slowed down, the turning circle while roadie running has increased pretty significantly, and fire rates have been slowed down.

"would almost be welcome if it weren’t for the squirrelly-feel to the controls"

squirrelly? thats one word that could never be used to describe gears' controls. the controls are so tight that sometimes they feel even too tight. theyre the complete opposite of squirrelly.

" You’ll still run into game breaking, and potentially controller snapping lag."

i live in australia, the land of internet from the dark ages, and even i havent noticed any significant lag. i stopped playing Gears 2 because of the lag problems for a good 6-8 months, and only started up again when they added region filters, which fixed the problem. over 100 matches played in the beta so far, and have never had any noticable lag.

"Matches tend to degenerate into people doing battle with two different kinds of shotguns at point blank range while the rest of are simply skewering or chainsawing each other"

chainsaw kills are few and far between in the beta. this is because it takes about 2 seconds of holding B before the chainsaw even begins to rev up.

clearly someone who just sucks at gears. theres no shame in that, but just dont try and pass it off as the game being bad instead of the truth that you just suck at it.

General Shrooms2790d ago

The movement speed has been increased significantly from gears of war 2. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Oldsnake0072790d ago

wow defending Gears 3 to death

dragonelite2790d ago

glad epic doesn't listen to noobs this game is so balanced people on twitter are saying every starter weapon is overpowered.

Hell this is like complaining about reach that the rocket launcher or sniper rifle are overpowered duuh they are power weapons for a reason you have to fight for them to give your team a advantage.

BlazeCP32790d ago

are you the noob? if you call making every single rifle overpowered especially at close range compared to the shotgun balancing the weapons then apparently you really are the noob.

Why am i 2 meters from a guy and he's downing me with his retro lancer while im shooting him with my gnasher? Shit doesnt make sense.

Gears was about the shotgun at close range and the rest of the weapons at long. This game sucks now.

Pyscho_Mantis2790d ago

hes right gears 1 and even 2 the pace for matches were perfect. Everyone would take cover and start firing their lancers while some when into the centre with their shotguns. But know its just turned intoa bum rush. I have been countless times spawn killed in thrashball with everyone at the beginning just rushing with their shotguns to the other side or with the retro. The sawed off is a POS its the cheapest thing ever no skill whatever. However the thing i miss the most is probably the strategy. Gears hjad strategy but know everyones just running around. Oh yeah and i miss the gritty look. Maybe itll change but right know i aint buying.

JeffGUNZ2790d ago

Yeah, to say that the rifles are not overpowered is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The problem lies in how it's implement them. Sure, make the rifles that strong, that's ok, but then remove the stopping power. By the time the shots register your getting hit, your a bullet away from being downed. Now, with stopping power, you go in slow motion speed and can't get to cover fast. It's awful. Either remove the stopping power, or reduce the rifles damage. Anyone notice how the hammerburst has NO recoil in FPS. Also, the retro lance has no recoil if fired from the hip. It's terrible.

Gears 1 was all about the gnasher and now it's about sawed-off noobs and blindfire rifles. It's awful. Sure, on dedicated servers, it's much better, but I have a better chance to win power ball tonight then I do of getting into a match that has a dedicated server and not their god awful P2P connections.

XRider2790d ago

Hello... still a beta.

XRider2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Still a beta Gears hating disagree trolls. Let me guess you're all PS3 fanboys making your way down the list hitting disagree because it's Gears... right?

Pyscho_Mantis2790d ago

yeah we know idiot its a beta and whats the point of a beta. To highlight the problems. If you can stop being so butthurt and insecure for a minute you might notice that is what were doing.

XRider2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

You must be one of the trolls jamming the disagree button. LOL after checking your comment history I think it's a sure bet. Gears 3 beta info gets submitted to Epic not N4G. Stop trolling for a day, take a break.

Deadpool1012790d ago

The beta is a very positive sign for Gears 3s multiplayer but, as expected for a beta, there are a few bugs and glitches to be ironed out. The main one for me is the inconsistencies with both the shot guns. However, Epic have their Beta Issue forums where people can point these things out so hopefully they'll be sorted before the game goes gold. Hopefully.

LoaMcLoa2790d ago

The only complain I have so far is the sawed-off shotgun.. Really ruins the fun shotgun-duels Gears is known for

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