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Submitted by Scissorman82 1676d ago | article

You Don't Even Know Nolan North's 5 Best Video Game Appearances

Sinan Kubba writes, "It’s hard to feel sorry for a man getting as much work as Nolan North is. Nonetheless, I do think that gaming’s equivalent of Tom Cruise has been unfairly misrepresented by members of the press who have casually likened him to typecast Hollywood actors like, say, Tom Cruise." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

The Matrix  +   1676d ago
Haha, wow.
Pixelated_Army  +   1676d ago
He was pretty good in SOCOM 4.
-Alpha  +   1676d ago
What? A Non-PSN article?

Anyways, no surprise he lent his talent to Portal 2. That game's dialogue is incredible.
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Pandamobile  +   1676d ago
The defective turrets were the best :v
ExplosionSauce  +   1676d ago
I think he was awesome as the personality cores as well.
My favorite was the adventure core:
Get's funnier toward the end :P
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dinkeldinkse  +   1676d ago
I swear Nolan North is in every game,
It is really getting annoying.
ThatEnglishDude  +   1676d ago
I think the reason it seems annoying is because 95% of his 'primary roles', he plays the same self inflated egotistical jackass you just can't help but like. The roles highlighted in this article is just a testament to his versatility and if he can be as varied as this, I wouldn't care if he was featured in every game out there. As long as the performance is good - which it always is, consistently.
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drdistracto707  +   1676d ago
Its only annoying when they make him use his regular voice

he's damn near unrecognizable in his more obscure roles

like in Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, where he played Sigmund
bobrea  +   1676d ago
gaden_malak  +   1676d ago
He's also in Pretty Little Liars.

Boy his voice is far reaching. Vossler? Never would have picked it.
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CrzyFooL  +   1676d ago
Heck was the best character in Alpha Protocol.
Scissorman82  +   1675d ago
I had no idea about the Alpha Protocol thing, actually made me want to revisit it, lol.
ZombieAssassin  +   1676d ago
I love Nolans voice work, the best Prince of Persia so far and in Uncharted he pretty much makes the game.
newn4gguy  +   1676d ago
Prince of Persia was phenomenal. His voice lent well to the script.
Oldman100  +   1676d ago
I'm in space
Scissorman82  +   1675d ago
I'm the best at space.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1676d ago
Steven Blum's record is still more impressive to me.
ZombieAssassin  +   1676d ago
Steve Blum is the man.
Klaykid123  +   1675d ago
I didn't see what was so good in the finalm fantasy one..

And the guy besides Nolan in alpha protocol is god awful.

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