Games Abyss: Mortal Kombat Review

Matt Randisi writes, "Mortal Kombat has always been the late bloomer of the fighting game genre in more recent memory. As one of the original arcade fighters that popularized the genre, the series seemed stubborn when it came to diverging from the concepts that birthed their first game. Mainly this pertains to the advanced sense of brutality and fatality finishing moves. Other progressive aspects that games like Street Fighter and Soul Edge/Calibur either introduced or perfected, such as 3D planes or a comprehensive combo system were features MK always tried their hand at some years after they were widely accepted. In a sense Mortal Kombat is like a smart phone; in danger of becoming archaic the very minute after it comes out. NetherRealm Studios’reboot does something wonderful for the franchise however, even if most of the experience is still a double-edged sword."

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antauwnehart2792d ago

hum it should have been lower more like a 3/10 lets see.
1. terrible graphics
2.gimp fatalities for the sake of 3D
3.extremely terrible character designs
4.crossover characters and avatar support
5.super meters and gimmick x-ray moves good for noob easy wins
6.terrible story umm why? does this story take place after armageddon if its supose to be a reboot/return to form
7.terrible combos,animations,gore effects,damage models etc
8.bosses don't feel like boss characters women seem slutty in this game costumes and poses
I could go on all day but I'll end rant for now.

Ser2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Sounds like you dislike the Mortal Kombat franchise as a whole.


Yeah, I can vouch for that. I can land a 40% (more damage than an x-ray) combo that doesn't involve a single super meter orb.

X-ray moves do a decent amount of damage, but they won't help you if you can't string combos.


I'm actually quite pleased with MK9. I think Ed Boon and the guys at NetherRealm Studios did a fantastic job.

cr33ping_death2792d ago

the guy is just throwing out crap hes read... he hasnt played the game. x rays alone wont save a noob.

antauwnehart2792d ago

sounds like your expectation are to low I actually had high hopes when MK9 was first announced but then they let me down again.

cr33ping_death2792d ago

i have a 49 percent combo with Scorpion which would work more on noobs.... but for everyone else a 42 percent combo :) with this down time of the PSN i have been training with Raiden and Liu Kang also... so i cant wait to get back online.

soundslike2792d ago

x-ray = ~30% damage

a good juggle can be ~45% damage

the only to stop a juggle is a breaker.

If noobs use x-ray, block, now they can't stop your juggle which does more than x-ray. Then x-ray them for lolz

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cr33ping_death2792d ago

hhmmmm parents wouldnt buy it for you huh?

cr33ping_death2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

no no just not old enough to play the game. hes just bitter

edit: ugh why do you have her as your avatar? stupid song... need to go listen to some metal to get that crap out. thanks a lot... :)

Mystickay862792d ago

This implies to you: You gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's hole. Gotta pay the troll toll to get in.

Oh and Fact: MK9 revitalized the franchise once again. Fantastic game.

swishersweets200312792d ago

dude your fucking smoking too much of something

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BXbomber2792d ago

this game is a 10/10 for me gotta give props to ed boon

Tikicobra2792d ago

I've gotta agree. I'm having insane amounts of fun with this game.

theaceh2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

this game is already one of my favorites this gen. I honestly can't understand how reviewers intend to gain credibility by nitpicking and giving low scores to great games.

On another note, I've noticed that you can unlock tons of cool concept art in this game. It would be nice to be able to print some of them from your PS3. Some of the print outs could be used as cool garage posters.

MK9 = 9.75/10 for me.

Graphics2792d ago

The only complaint that i have with this game is that the button response does not feel smooth, buttons are not 1-1 to the animation on screen. So when im doing combos you just have to input all buttons even though you not up to that animation. was weird at first and still is. Like for example with Ermac while i do a punch combo, while the character is still doing punching animations i have to input the teleport hit or his telekinesis stuff during the punching sequence which doesn't feel 1-1. Basically you have to input everything extra early. Still love the game though

iamgoatman2791d ago

Got to agree with you there, going straight from SSF4 which can require some very strict timing to MK was rather odd. I was frequently missing elements to long combo string even though I was sure I did the motions at exactly the right time, wasn't until playing a bit more that I realised you could just do the inputs before finishing a dial combo to have it register.

It just feels like a result of the dial-a-combo animation system, where unlike SF a certain combination will result in a specific animation being played. Instead of having to wait for animation to finish it's easier and more fluid to allow inputs for following moves directly after the initial inputs but before the end of the animation, which prevents some overly strict timings when the combo system seems to be designed so long combos are relatively easy to perform, also so people don't end up mashing a button sequence repeatedly just to get the timing right.

swishersweets200312792d ago

i see alot of complaints about only noobs use xray moves. how does that make you a noob? thats like saying only noobs do super moves in street fighter. If you loose you loose.. there is a block button. There is a combo breaker ability. i dont get it.

Sub-Zero852792d ago

The best fighting game I have ever played !!

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