Does Latest PSN Update Spell Long-Term Fan Backlash?

If you wanted to play SOCOM 4, Mortal Kombat, or Portal 2 online and were enraged that you couldn’t do so on your PlayStation 3, well, let’s just say that the unavailability of online gaming should be the least of your problems. PSN users are now being asked to monitor their credit card info closely, as an unknown hacker has managed to breach private information: that entails names, addresses, and phone numbers in addition to the aforementioned credit card info.

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Light Yagami2638d ago

Yes. COD players can't go a day without COD. they most likely bought an Xbox 360 already.

ionlyneedonebubble2638d ago

lol, at this point i dont understand why people dont have both consoles anyway... step ur game up

Muerte24942638d ago

I agree with you because that would kill fanboyism is its tracks. I was a multiple console owner at one point. I just was tired of replacing my 360. Besides most of my friends own a ps3. I have never been a fan of Natal/Kinect. I really only want one game on the 360 "Gear of War 3". I just don't think that one game justifies buying a $199.99 system.

Legion2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

But his point is that you would be still gaming online right now if you had multiple systems. If playing online isn't your interest then I see your point.

GoW and Uncharted are great games to play through again offline.

BUT... the point in this article is that consumers seem to be allowing their fanboy goggles to paint a rose colored image of Sony in their view. Similar possibly to all those that stuck around with Microsoft after their console issues?

But this is not so much a hardware issue as it is a company not being able to secure it's information... wether it be a poorly written code or the lack of encryption on personal information data, seems like Sony has the appearance of not thinking security is their issue?

Muerte24942637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I see your point and maybe I misunderstood him. I actually don't mind the downtime. I check my email daily to make sure my account wasn't affected. But besides that I have been going back to revisit the single player aspect of the game I've purchased. I can only hope that Sony puts a nice spin on this by revamping the PSN. Allow the freedom in has with just a bit more structure. just a couple of examples:
Universal invite system (EA Crysis2)
Cross game chat (helps if you in multiplayer more than single player)
Simplify the XMB
Custom Live Wallpapers

To the people who disagree with the whole "cross game chat", it was the most wanted feature at one point. We were on the verge of getting it until the updates became less about features and more about "security". If you go to the site where you make suggestions to Sony for PSN, Cross game chat is still high on their list. In the past we have gotten what we've wanted and complained for.
In game XMB
Live Wallpapers
But since then, we have been ignored on everything else. If you don't let them know you want it, you will never see it.

iistuii2637d ago

That's exactly right. I've both consoles, yet at this moment I've just bought Socom 4 and portal 2 on the PS3 and I wanna play them online. Forget all this bullshit excuses for Sony, it's not good enough. It seems to me if Sony was hacked once a week these fools would still defend them, just makes me ask myself why.

CarlosX3602637d ago

Nah. Sony and PSN will be just fine after this hacking, I am not mad at Sony at all. In fact, this makes them look better. GO SONY! :)

DarkBlade46582637d ago

I don't really understand how having such a weak infrastructure and the fact that everyones personal info being stolen makes them look better...

Marquis_de_Sade2634d ago

I ask myself the same thing every time I see a mindless fanboy lavish praise upon sony for this.

CarlosX3602631d ago

Because dude, companies as large as Sony get hacked all the time. Its kids like GeoHotz that ruin it for us, the consumers.

athmaus2637d ago

I think it does, for them to lie about it this long...