Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1: We Negotiate With Terrorists ¦ One More Castle

Mat Growcott of One More Castle writes:

'Telltale have been involved in some pretty incredible games in their time. They've been known to dip into the surreal more than once and it always ends up adding an air of whimsy to the story. If you used a word like 'whimsy' in the world of Detective Inspector Hector, you'd be beaten up and chucked into the nearest pile of dog refuse. And your attacker wouldn't have to be able to throw very far even then.

Clappers Wreake is the town which 'took the Great out of Britain'. Graffiti, littering, prostitution, drug use, knocked-off handbags and a visit to the local port shop are all listed as things to do of a weekend in the local tourist magazines, and that's before we get to the hardcore stuff. This is the backdrop for the first episode in the Hector trilogy, entitled 'We Deal With Terrorists'.'

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