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CheatCC says - Ah, ninjas. These stealthy, deadly assassins have captured imaginations worldwide since they emerged from Japanese history and folklore and sneaked into popular culture. Ninjas in movies have typically been cast as the bad guys, opposing an honor-bound, samurai-style hero. Their history in video games, however, is more complex. Players have often been asked to step into the shoes of a ninja in games, and many video game ninjas are morally complex characters with interesting stories to tell.

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ApexHell2638d ago

i agree with this list :), ryu ftw.

FACTUAL evidence2638d ago

no rikimaru or fail...damn...not even raven though!?!? I'm gone.

Bathyj2638d ago

Please, what a fail.

Rikimaru is the only REAL ninja.
He actually uses stealth and Ninja cunning.

The rest are just Asian action heroes with swords.

Special mention goes to The Last Ninja and Ninja Kid from the 80's arcade game of the same name.

gamingdroid2638d ago

You don't need to use stealth, when you can just pounce everyone to death!

-Ryu Hayabusa

Rybakov2638d ago

what about Ayame from tenchu =[

other wise pretty silly/good list