Report: Sony Providing New PlayStation 3 SDKs Before PSN Comes Online

As downtime for Sony's PlayStation Network lingers on, Gamasutra sources report that Sony has asked some developers to install new SDKs on their PlayStation 3 devkits prior to the service coming back online.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2786d ago

Seriously? No way they'd wait that long. I fully expect it to be back up and running by Friday the lastest. Or at least I hope so. I mean two weekends? No way

Zynga2786d ago

Relax man it will be back up when its ready and besides it takes time in what they are doing.

JobForARockStar2786d ago

I can't imagine what some of these small developers that make games for PSN are going through. Sucks if there was a PSN exclusive game coming out this week. Hopefully all this is resolved by the weekend.

ThatArtGuy2785d ago

Dragon's Lair II was supposed to be out yesterday.

I_find_it_funny2785d ago

I'm disapointed by all this, but I can wait. Let Sony sort it out

blumatt2785d ago

You know, they made these things called "single player games". lol Play some of those while we're waiting for PSN to get back online. I've been playing through Battlefield BC2, Crysis 2, and Sonic 1 and 2 (that I got free from PlayStation Plus). Lots of fun to be had with games that aren't online. :) I'm sure PSN will be back up by sometime next week. It sucks, but I'd rather them get it up for good than bring it back up and it be back down again the next day. Be patient.

hesido2785d ago

Thanks for reminding me that I haven't played 5 minutes of BFBC2 single player yet. I think I'll start today.

ndl15312785d ago

agree with you bro everyone still has the entire library of single player games , web browser , netflix . im having a blast on borderlands single player and i still have enslaved ,crysis 2 . blazblue c.s. gonna replay mass effect 2 , dead space 2 severed , im actually on my ps3 now typing this . everyone on here says they are "teh hardcore gamerz" but while psn is down ya'll cant find anything to do? please.

DragonKnight2785d ago

By looking at your disagree counter, so far there are 10 people who read your post and said "What the hell is this s..i..n..g..l..e.. p..l..a..y..e..r.. he's talking about? Is that where you enter a deathmatch alone?"

Man, these impatient people would have shot themselves in the golden age of gaming, back when games were good and were largely story and character driven, and had no online multiplayer.

I've been playing FFVII myself.

Silly Mammo2785d ago

I've been working my way through DA:2 for the last week or so. I'm missing my KZ3 fix, but somehow I survive.

DtotheRoc2785d ago

you make a valid point EXCEPT BFBC2 is the WORST SP campaign EVER with one exception BC1 ahahah.


i actually started playing Eternal Sonata after buying it a few days ago. it's really good :D

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jivah2785d ago

what you dont realize is that sony are literally rebuilding there online infrastructure as fast as they can. working 24/7. in a couple days to prevent this again.. something that usually takes months.

all they are asking is to wait a couple more days a possibly a week or 2. good things may come out of this :D

play some single player games in the meantime

paintsville2785d ago Show
jdigitalseven2785d ago

"paintsville" says credit card info for 75 million people have been discovered. Well the truth is that most people used PSN cards and didn't keep card info on file. I have 3 PSN accounts to buy DLC/games separately just incase I use up my 6 PSN shares, 1 PSN to buy all of that can screw you over in this day of lead free soldered hardware (doesnt hold as good as lead solder and is main reason for RROD, YLOD). I want to be able to retrieve my purchased stuff if something happens to my PS3....Point is most have way more PSN's than I do for similar reasons or just because. Sony actually said yesterday that personal info was hacked (address, email, etc), but there was no proof credit card info was stolen through their encryption. It was posted as a FAQ on their site update through PS3 browser.

nycrekid2785d ago

paintsville is nothing but a sensationalist hater.

Probably doesn't even know that all cc or debit cards with cc logos are protected 100% from fraudulent use. Also probably didn't know that although they may have the cc numbers they don't have the two things that are required to use them, the expiration date and the security numbers.

I am more concern with getting spammed in then mail and emails.

i don't disagree that this is serious but what are you going to do just complain and state over and over that this is serious? We aren't idiots but crying and being scare isn't going to help is it? And to even state that the PSN being free is the cause of this is fucking retarded at best. This has happened to many many major corps, including the US government.

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2v12785d ago

a week from yesterday they say "Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.
..also Keep in mind, however that your credit card security code (sometimes called a CVC or CSC number) has not been obtained because we never requested it from anyone who has joined the PlayStation Network or Qriocity, and is therefore not stored anywhere in our system.

nycrekid2785d ago

They also said that the expiration dates for those cc haven't been stolen so it very unlikely that those cc are usable. Besides cc cards are 100% protected from fraud.

The real concern here is identity theft and spam.

morkendo232785d ago

so, sony waiting on ALL new SDK devkit to be installed on current and previous games. will this be hacker proof?? we'll know after a nut try to hack PSN again. which I pray it dont happen again.

mugoldeneagle032785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

EDIT: Nevermind, people ahead of me posted first just didn't see it!

The only thing that's really bugging me about the downtime is that I can't use my PS3, or 46" Bravia for or Qriocity. I can still do it on my PC, but that's not nearly half as good looking :(

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2786d ago

Finally some real information, instead of "Sony breached blah de blah", "Sony in financial trouble", "analyst says Dr Evil wants 1 trillion dollars from Sony"

Atleast we know things are moving along swiftly, and i assume if Sony are providing new SDK's, we cant be far from the PSN being switched back on.

That's all I want, I want PSN back. Virtua Tennis is releasing this week, C'mon Sony, your advertising it like mad here in the UK with the PS Move!

lets get it on!

Pixel_Enemy2786d ago

I almost forgot about virtua tennis. In the states it's not as hyped but I loved that game since dreamcast.

cr33ping_death2786d ago

ha ha nice Austin Powers reference there :) this down time has really given me a lot of time to come up with some wicked combos for Scorpion Raiden and Liu Kang.... cant wait to get back online with Mortal Kombat.

Zydake2786d ago

Wow um I'm embarrassed to ask this but what's an SDK?

joeorc2786d ago

Glad you asked, it stands for

Software development Kit

I can go into more indepth if you want to PM me

amiga-man2785d ago

zydake asks a question, joeorc gives a reply, what are you people disagreeing with exactly, oh well just another day on N4G lol.

hiredhelp2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Exactly Amiga-man that's all we get disagrees no reason there bunch fools going around news 4gamers doing it I be leave 360.. I had 5 bubbles whent down to 3 after waking up next day. This shit got a stop. Tried emailing N4G but no reply.. Again

RedDead2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I don't even see the point in a agree/disagree system to be honest

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Dead_Cell2786d ago

You want PSN back for Virtual Tennis? I've gotta' admit that's impressive.

M4I0N32786d ago

hahah yeah man, cant wait for virtua tennis!

SixShotCop2785d ago


Maybe you should take some advice from the hardcore Sony supporters on this site who are now stating that online gaming is not important and play single player games. Meanwhile a week or two ago, they were constantly claiming that PSN is the best way to game online because it's FREE!! In this day and age, who needs online gaming? lmao!

I have nothing against Sony but reading some of the comments from the usual trash talking fanboys is absolutely hilarious. I wonder if they would keep the same relaxed views of online gaming if this happened to Xbox Live. We all know the answer, don't we?

AceofStaves2785d ago

It's hilarious, how console warriors change their tune. I've had a chuckle at the hardcore 360 fans who preached the importance of exclusive games a few years ago, when the PS3 had a fraction of the exclusives the 360 had, but now that the situation is reversed, some of them now claim that exclusives don't matter.

It's funny how that goes.

SixShotCop2785d ago

Very funny Ace! It's always nice when somebody needs to go back to the past to make a point. All games are exclusive too me anyway so go complain about that to somebody who cares. I don't play exclusives, i play games. IMO, the best games this gen were mostly multiplats anyway. What do you think of the PRESENT situation or are you ignoring it completely?

AceofStaves2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


Just pointing out the some 360 fanboys are guilty of the same type of hypocrisy, that's all. A balanced perspective is always advantageous.

I'm not upset about the situation at all, since I don't game online with consoles and I have never used a CC to purchase off PSN. Thus, I see no reason to act as if it's the end of the world, or the end of Sony.

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Primetimebt2786d ago ShowReplies(1)
morkendo232786d ago

ALRIGHT!! ALREADY get it back WORKING!!! gaming and complianting again as usual.

ionlyneedonebubble2786d ago

Isn't every PS3 game going to need an update? That sounds like a lot of work. I was just thinking that could add to the PSN down time as well.

Im not sure what the "rubuilding of PSN" entitles. Will it have anything to do with better internet connections? Will games have less lag? We all know were going to be more secure thats for sure. Not that there was a lot of lag before, just an improvement would be sort of like a blessing in disguise. You smell me? Think positive.

Also I was thinking im not too worried about the credit card information possibly being stolen. I dont think the hackers hacked the PS3 for credit card info. I think think they did it just to abuse SONY. They did an outstanding job of that.

Cant wait to see my PSN friend list populate with all my buds on SOCOM 4.

mirumu2786d ago

It's unlikely the games will need an update unless they're especially tied into the PSN such as those that list DLC in the game menus. Games don't usually store personal details or credit card information after all. It's possible they still may make improvements here anyway though as better protection for communication between games and the PSN would help prevent cheating in online games.

Sony will be primarily be working on ensuring the PSN store and account information are protected. That's the most sensitive data after all.

dead_eye2785d ago

Nothing they can really do about lag. Most games are p2p networking so we host the games. Dedicated servers don't have this problem but not all games have them.

Could see faster downloads if they work on it but think it's only really gonna be security their are thinking of at the moment.

dontbhatin2785d ago

practically every ps3 exclusive runs on dedicated servers.

xbox is finally going that route by adding dedicated servers with gears 3

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