Could Half-Life 2: Episode Three Be Gaming’s Biggest Flop?


"Video game development is an extremely long and difficult process. In the case of some titles (Splinter Cell: Conviction), the entire project must be scrapped and redone, causing an unusually long development cycle.

"You’re all familiar with Duke Nukem Forever. When it releases this June, that will be the culmination of over fourteen years of development (although “development” is debatable based on how much you know about the case). There obviously comes a point, and when Duke Nukem Forever releases, our focal point of delays will have to be moved elsewhere for criticism.

"Where will it move? Half-Life 2: Episode Three. It’s not humanly possible to live up to the expectations it has set itself up for."

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rabidpancakeburglar2787d ago

No, there have been some pretty major flops and I could only imagine it being a success

ATiElite2787d ago

I understand that E3 is right around the corner so there is a very limited supply of gaming news but the blatant continuation of just making up crap or just making outrageous accusations is really really STALE.

Valve can do NO WRONG! just a box labeled Half Life 2 episode 3 (written in crayon no doubt) with NO game inside is guaranteed GOTY!

Certain Devs have that game that they just do perfectly EVERY TIME.

xTruthx2787d ago

Dude... valve sucks....

JK!, Cant wait for HL3

BeOneWithTheGun2787d ago

Agree, agree, agree! If released this xmas or early next year, this game is probably the only thing that would be able to get me stop playing Skyrim. And that includes pussy. (except those portable ones)

ATiElite2787d ago

Now i wouldn't go that far. I love video games and all but i draw the line when it comes to getting some "cutty".

Redgehammer2787d ago

Yeah, Valve has never disappointed me, outside of not giving 360 owners some new maps for TF2; therefore, I say no way will it suck or disappoint. I will believe the disappointment when I experience it firsthand.

Proeliator2787d ago

Blind faith is what could exactly lead to its demise...

gaminoz2787d ago

Well it is interesting how they are doing EVERYTHING but making this game...

Klaykid1232787d ago

That's what they want you to think.

KeiserSosay47882787d ago

Yeah, I predict either HL:episode 3 or just HL3(its been sooo long), followed by CS 2 baby!

BadCircuit2787d ago

I don't think they'll make it until the next round of consoles or they do another engine?

tdogchristy902787d ago

It's possible. As much as valve is loved, no amount of greatness can over come hype if that hype is too large. Just like with duke forever, it could happy to hl3. Will it, not necessarily, but is it possible? Sure.

Mr Tretton2787d ago

Where is the hype for this game though?

tdogchristy902787d ago

Not so much hype but expectation. Media be it movies or games has a habit of hyping something that when it comes out consumers are disappointed.

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The story is too old to be commented.