IGN: Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Review

IGN writes: "The Ar Tonelico series is well known for its rampant innuendos, scantily clad heroines, and overarching love stories that span epic narratives. The third title in the series, Ar Tonelico Qoga: The Knell of Ar Ciel, is the first title to arrive on the PlayStation 3. Full of quirky oddities that can mainly be chalked up to a difference in culture, this game continues the trends of its predecessors but changes enough elements of the formula to set itself apart, for better and for worse. The biggest problem the game faces is that the jump into this generation of console actually hinders certain game mechanics to the point of frustration. Additionally, the handling of intricate relationships often takes a lowbrow route that misses the mark".

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Redempteur2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"One of my favorite aspects of moving through an epic RPG is when the music takes a similar emotional journey to the high points of the drama. But even late in the game you'll still hear simple tracks that popped up just a few hours into the game against much lesser evils."

And another who didn't understand the R.A.H system

While AT 3 sound track is IMO the weakest of the 3 , it's still milles above many other games ... there is a simple reason why the world , game , battle system is built around it .. ( music )

EDIT : no challenge on hard ? i do remember the MUTE ( first fight ) , MYU , and other bosses being very hard ..

it's not like regular ennemies can almost one-shot your reivyatels in phases 1,2,3.

Neckbear2784d ago

Well, I feel the reviewer sumed the game's flaws pretty well, even when he perhaps focused a little too much on them-

However, he's right in something. "...all of these things will either make you smile with their sexual-quirkiness or shirk in horror from what you're seeing.", quoting him, it pretty much holds true.

Though, even with most, if not all of its flaws, AT:Q managed to be a weirdly entertaining and charming game. You know, of those that for some reason are fun? Like that, at least in my personal experience.

yume-k2784d ago

Oh please stfu the game is AMAZING!