Sony Hack: Staying Safe, Keeping Clean

TGH Writes: "The world is in panic, Sony’s Playstation Network has been hit and people’s data has been taken. This has become such important news the powerhouse BBC has been reporting on it all day through its news network including TV, Radio and Online. Is it really that bad?"

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Dlacy13g2786d ago

These definitely are some of the more craziest times in gaming. Seems like the hype and scare over this is reaching RROD proportions.

Rob9462786d ago

I agree nearly everytime I come on N4G now the main page is flooded on articles about Sony and PSN going down.

SpOrkyE2786d ago

yes me too i'm just like 24/24 hours in this website

maniacmayhem2786d ago

Its like that for every article that comes thru N4G.

sarshelyam2786d ago's not THAT bad. Anyone with a half-filled skull should have re-issued their credit card the minute PSN went down as a result of "external intrusion". It takes a short phone call to your bank to get a new card, the old one will be instantly useless.

maniacmayhem2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )


Lirky2786d ago

Sony will be fine , because if this happens a 2nd time all hell will break loose as sony will launch an all out warfare against the hackers who try to re-breach.

Sinkway2786d ago

All you PS3 people annoy the hell out of me. But i feel so sorry for you guys and girls that got your credit card and emails hacked. Because that really sucks D!ck, i hope it all works out for you guys.

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