Edge: Outland Review

Edge: "A heavily stylised blend of twitch platforming, exploration and combat, Outland stars an unnamed dreamer, the reincarnation of an ancient warrior responsible for restoring balance to creation by the time-honoured means of jumping, smacking things, and changing colour.

The game’s setting is capitalisation-heavy mysticism to the core, with frequent references to Heroes, Chaos and Light that manage to be both hollow and overwrought. Housemarque's realisation of this setting is, however, striking - this is an immediately and arrestingly beautiful game, in which crisp shadow-puppet characters vault and skid through vibrant, painterly worlds. There's a wonderful attention to colour throughout - despite the fact that each of the game's five environments vary little within themselves, ever-changing background hues provide unexpected variety."

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HellzAssassin2637d ago

I wanted this game so bad... PSN is down though.
No outland for another week or so...? :/