Free Portal 2 Guide is Now Live - Perfect Time to Ignore PSN Issues

This Portal 2 Guide is complete with everything it would take you hours to find on several different sites, all in one simple to use format. Full video Walkthroughs, Trophy guides, Secrets and Easter Eggs, and more. If you can't get on PSN, at least you can unlock some Trophies!

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yarbie10002792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Such an awesome game...first real GOTY contender!

xxxAnubisxxx2792d ago

Portal 2 is certainly the game to beat so far. Incredible game!

Zydake2792d ago

idk but i expected more at the end..


I really thought GLaDOS was going to tell more about Caroline and be more emotional but w.e I still liked it. I just beat the game btw.

-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Agreed, it's become one of my top games of all time, this is the standard for dialogue. The single player experience is like Pixar on a gaming system.

The dialogue is incredible, the characters are all great, the story is funny and touching, while mysterious too, the puzzles are well paced and great, it's just an all around fantastic game

My GOTY so far

-MoOkS-2792d ago

"Perfect time to ignore PSN issues"

Riiiiight, lets just ignore the fact that my credit card info and personal details may have been compromised. Very poor headline, to be honest.

xxxAnubisxxx2792d ago

Only thing we can do about it is protect any other accounts and watch credit card activities online.... no use bitching about it now.

AKS2792d ago

Continue testing...

Mr Tretton2792d ago

That was a pretty cheap plug buy including PSN in the description

MysticStrummer2792d ago

Awesome game. I got my first laugh about the PSN situation when I went to change my online passwords. I had an email from PSN about Portal 2 and the subject was "A Portal Has Opened" xD I have faith that Sony will close that portal and make PSN more secure. If this happens to XBL, which I honestly hope it doesn't, I hope PSN users on N4G will show more class than some of the 360 users here, who seem to be having a party and cheering on the same sort of hacker scum that have hacked XBL in the past on a much smaller scale.

xxxAnubisxxx2792d ago

The cave-in from this PSN issue hasn't even begun. Lawsuits are going to be filed and Sony does not have a defense to stand on. This is going to cost them millions, especially taking into account the drop in stock shares. People who are laughing at this are fools...

Still love me some Portal 2, though.