Sony Messed Up, But They Aren't Alone The PlayStation Network is still down, leaving many an upset user frustrated and angry. Some say Sony have dropped the ball with PSN, failed their customers, and to a certain degree, they definitely have. Let's not forget though, that "unauthorized intrusions" like this isn't isolated or exclusive to Sony. They're usually targeted at huge corporations. It's a risk that is expected in this generation of digital commerce. Amazon have suffered from problems like this, as has Google, World of Warcraft accounts get hacked all the time, probably on a daily basis, but let's take a look at another corporate conglomerate that's a bit closer to home and on the same playing field as Sony: Microsoft.

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mephman2789d ago

I think the problem is the severity of Sony's breach. Yes, Xbox Live has been breached numerous times in the past, but they've generally been isolated incidents.

Anon19742789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

But have Microsoft's breaches been isolated? We really don't know. Microsoft has been less then forthcoming with information on how many accounts have been affected in the past. It's odd to me we haven't seen Senators and UK watchdogs and the like banging the table demanding to know the severity of Microsoft's breaches, or Google, or WOW, or Amazon, etc...etc. Why all the focus on Sony? For all we know the hacker might have got nothing. Seems unlikely that he would have downloaded account information for all 70 million accounts.

People need to climb up out of Sony's ass and let them do their investigation. Already banks are letting their customers know that their credit card info isn't at risk, but the way some are acting you'd think people were expecting armed gangs of thugs to appear outside their houses at any minute due to this breach. Thieves can get more information out of your garbage. Really, with your name and address and nothing else, what are they going to do? They can get that out of the phone book. And credit card numbers are useless without security codes. At least wait for the facts before flying off the handle.

Max_Dissatisfaction2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

You are indeed correct, people DO need to climb out of SONY's ass...*ahem*

AAACE52789d ago

Pitiful! So people want to shift the focus on to MS?

When MS f*cked up, they had to take all the blame, and people on here rode the f*ck out of it for at least a few years. Yes MS has had the red ring and they have been breached. Sony has to take responsibility for this just like they did!

sleepy32789d ago

You mean kinda like how the media rode MS about RROD EVERY HOUR EVERY DAY FOR TWO YEARS???

Which, IMO, MS FULLY DESERVED! I HATE to see customers get hurt and companies just shrug and get away with it. Everything must come out. How deficient their security was, how lapse they were at analyzing threats, how poorly they listened to people who warned them in the past.

And that could be a good thing. Cause if the answers to those are positive, it will prove Sony were doing everything reasonably practicable to protect their customers. However, if they are not positive.......

FredEffinChopin2788d ago

Because politicians and sensationalist news sources target the same things. Hot topics that the public has little actual info about, so that they can act bold and concerned about the stance they take in front of a lot of people without having to do much reading. Usually an obvious and easy stance, which usually makes them look like they care, and then makes them look stupid when the people they accuse wind up not being aggressively malicious as they were suggesting... But it doesn't matter at that point because the public at large knows no better.

Politician: "You should've told us about this 5 days ago!

Company: "We found out about it this morning..."

Politician: "....But still! This is an outrage!"

People: "Yeah, that's messed up Company!"

hoops2788d ago

Did people climb out of MS A** when they had RROD and other issues and breaches? We all know the answer

Vherostar2788d ago

Sony are saying that all accounts could have potentially been hacked or whatever but in reality hackers may have got into 1 account before Sony shut the network down we really don't know. Sony are staying tight lipped on the details of damage just the potential of it. As for MS etc.. they get accounts hacked everyday and MS never pull down the network. Maybe this is all about Sony just being over cautious compared to what other companys would do and people are slating them for it?

We just don't know do we?? I agree though all sites get hacked all the time I am sure everybody will get one account hacked in there lifetime on any 1 site. I lost my STEAM account a few years ago and took me a long time to get it back when I did it was banned from online VAC servers which sucks as I can only play online with hackers and cheaters now. My password was super secure and I am very cautious as thats the only time I ever had an account hacked in my life.

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Strikepackage Bravo2788d ago

PS3 fans need to stop worrying about defending Sony and start worrying about how much this is going to cost them.

Everytime Sony screws up it costs the fans something.

PS2 read issues, the fans were left to pay to fix it or buy a new console, PS3 is a cluster F%ck to develop on, fans get inferior ports and wait years for decent exclusives, PS3 gets hacked, the fans lose linux, YLOD, the fans have to pay to have it fixed or buy a new console.

What is this going to cost the fans?

Solidus187-SCMilk2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Last I checked its ONLY PSN that compromised the personal information of 75 MILLION accounts and has been down for almost 2 weeks now.

Love the desperate spin that is getting more and more pathetic as the clock keeps ticking.

I can only imagine the bricks that would be shitted by so many on thie site if blog articles attcking sony pop up next time MS and 360 encounter even the slightest hiccup.


Come back with this garbage damage controll article when that happens^^^^.

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Hardedge2789d ago

Clearly not just Microsoft, WoW accounts get hacked all the time too. It's amazing how many people piss on Sony whenever they get the chance. Not that they're doing that good a job of containing the situation anyway. It's a pain in the ass to change passwords and cancel credit cards.

StbI9902789d ago

Welcome to the next generation, wait...I mean! actual generation.

tweex2789d ago

Yeah, Sony isn't the first one to get hacked!

OMGitzThatGuy2789d ago

But MS' servers were never hacked and never were all XBL members account info released due to hackers

mephman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

^ Er, read the article? They have been hacked, numerous times.

kickerz2788d ago

the article is RUBBISH. everyone on the PSN network is affected.. when it happened to MS only a few were affected, i think.. too long ago to really care...

either way, even though im a 360 man i still hope sony get through this ok. competetion is good for gamers.. we need sony

maverick402788d ago

my WOW account got hacked recently, My mate said I was online when I wasnt so I went over to his house and saw my character running around in the city....ridiculous. I contacted blizzard and within a few days I had my character back the way it was.

Vherostar2788d ago

Exactly they all get hacked STEAM accounts get hacked everyday too I lost mine and I tell you thats not fun as if you get banned from safe servers while hacked you cannot get unbanned no matter what you do!

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HeavenlySnipes2789d ago

why all these articles act like PSN isn't going to be back up and everyone isn't going to go back to play COD Killzone, Battlefield etc..

Its like PS is closing shop or something :/

MysticStrummer2789d ago

Because there are those who fear exactly that. They want PSN to stay down and for people to abandon PS3, because they've made so much of sales for so long and that sales gap has dwindled to almost nothing. They're largely the same ones clamoring for the next console generation to start now because that would mean they get 2nd place for this one. They're the ones posting all these articles, and then turning around to whine about N4G being PS3 dominated. It's funny and sad at the same time, but their fear makes me smile so I guess it's mostly funny. : )

Max_Dissatisfaction2789d ago

Mulder, I'm glad I found you. Look, they took Scully. Blink twice if you understand me, they could be listening

MysticStrummer2788d ago

Yeah, like I trust you, Cancer Man. xD Seriously though, I'm not talking about a worldwide conspiracy against Sony. I'm talking about N4G, and all the misinformation that's posted as news. If you can read the comments on the stories about this incident and not see the obvious glee from a certain crowd, I can only conclude you're part of that crowd. I sincerely hope the same thing doesn't happen to XBL.

Tone2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I called up my bank (in the uk) an hour ago and they said to me thay are advising people not to cancel or ask for a new card as they have been ordered by some official body to ramp up their anti fraud detection up to the max.

Apparently if someone uses any card by my bank for fraud.. it will leave a paper trail for them to follow etc. I presume all banks in the UK have been given this order. I am not so worried now about fraud being commited on my card, But am more worried about all my personal details.. someone with that info can apply for passports, loans, bank accounts etc :/

EDIT: Ok Mr disagree, i am waiting for your response to your disagree! Enlighten me with your wisdom!!!

MysticStrummer2789d ago

Sounds cool man. Hope they catch some of the thieving bastards. I went over all my transactions since the 17th with my bank earlier. Nothing was unusual, but I went ahead and ordered a new one anyway. Changed all my passwords right after that. The thing is, the same thing can happen again, to PSN, XBL, or any other online network. The fact that some are cheering this on, and even sometimes still defending the hackers, is sickening.

maverick402788d ago

That is interesting indeed. Cool, thanks for sharing that. Good to see banks getting involved in this.

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