Rock Band Achievements!

Here are the achievements for Rock Band. This is a world premiere of the 49 achievements totaling 1000 points. Warning in advance, these achievements reveal most of the game details, including cities that it takes place and more. Enjoy!

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Syko3714d ago

Thanks love, You're my hero I have been waiting for these forever! Where on earth did you find these ;)

Seem to be well balanced achievements. I can count out Vocals and Drums on Expert because I can't sing and have severe Whiteboyitis. =(

BLlNK3714d ago

I think I can get most of these. They are easier then the GH2 achievments. The vocals shouldnt be too bad if its like Sing Star.

Cat3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

360 v. ps3; it's achievements v. wireless -- decisions!

Syko3714d ago

You better get the PS3 version, so I don't join you're 360 band and show you up. Then fire you for a better roadie.

Cat3714d ago

with my niece and nephew running around wireless carries a lot of weight. i can't count how many times they party fouled and accidentally unplugged the controllers.