Console Monster Talks to Anonymous

Console Monster went and had a chat with Anonymous regarding their thoughts on the PSN downtime. Among other things it is revealed that the attack went against 'Anonymous Principles' and the contact also thinks that Anonymous will 'not attack the PSN' went it comes back online, find out more after the jump.

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Christopher2672d ago

Impossible to talk to "Anonymous" considering it's comprised of many individuals with their own thoughts. They just talked to a single person who is involved with Anonymous.

Anonymous as a group can say practically anything, but it doesn't prove that the intrusion couldn't have been done by a member of Anonymous.

supremacy2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

But with that said annonymous is still considered a group,therefore one members crime can be pin on the rest like a rico case if you will.

Its like if tretton says something negative about a competitor, it ill read as Sony says.[insert here]..ect.

These guys aren't exactly the honest the bunch and are most likely changing their tone because they know gamers account for a lot of people which according to their usual tactics can't afford to have go against them.

Its almost like an organized crime or terrorists, if one terrorist commits a crime and they find others its likely those others will get handcuffed as well. The principle usually applies to all, not just one.

its like they arrested five of these guys before, when one could have been the corparate behind the schemes.

Now if we were talking of a sole entity, like a solo person like say the dc sniper or hotz than thats more understandable.
But when there are more involve in the picture and are all fighting for the same cause,representing the same group, you can bet that just like a drug bust the charges will be dragged on to the others.
look fail0verflow ran off as soon as geohotz got sued, and there are over a dozen members in that circle. Even they knew they could all collectively pay for the same crime.

Christopher2672d ago

Anonymous is seen a single entity by the public, but the crime would only be specific to those found to be involved. So, no, not all of them.

jjohan352672d ago

And the anonymous group did not collectively select this chap to represent them.

Dudeson422672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Cgoodno had it right in the first sentence, but it goes far beyond that. All these sites claiming to have "spoken with Anonymous" are simply lying and doing it for the hits. They aren't talking to anyone. Anonymous doesn't grant interviews, it doesn't answer questions, it doesn't acknowledge its own existence at all.

Anyone who tries to claim they are a member anonymous are, by definition, NOT a member. That's a simple as I can make it.

Millah2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Lol, that guy actually said this "contact" was a "well established" member of Anonymous. Lawl.

...people really have no clue how Anonymous works. There's no such thing as a well established member, because ANYONE can claim anonymous, hence the entire name anonymous. All it comes from is 4chan, where there is no registration and every user name is "anonymous." They all probably met on 4chan. But there's millions of users on 4chan, and these particular hackers are just 12 random anons in a sea of millions of anons.

The people in Sonyops probably have no affiliation with the people who attacked Gizmodo, and those people probably have no affiliation with the people who attacked Scientology, etc. That's how it is. It's hilarious to see how much the media misunderstands "anonymous"

gamingdroid2672d ago

It's like fighting the public, as the name anonymous really is just that. How do you hold the public accountable?

Now each individual if they can catch them....

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SIX2672d ago

Anon: we are going to do something big to Sony!!!

*Something big happens*

Anon: we did not do something big to Sony!

Diffusion2672d ago

lol, even though 'Anon' probably had no involvement in this data breach, their IRC is getting ****ed right now - probably by angry PSN gamers. Yes, anonops is being DDOSd lol

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DWOM2672d ago

good... no hack attacks is all we need on psn... I hope they stay true to their word...

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bobrea2672d ago

People still seem to not grasp the concept of doing it for teh lulz

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