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CheatCC says - Let the haters say what they want. Mortal Kombat is one of the great fighting franchises ever created. People will nitpick about how Street Fighter is a more balanced game and that other games have a more intricate counter system, but Mortal Kombat is about fun. MK is about gore and fatalities and ridiculously imaginative characters (and others that aren't so imaginative). To honor MK's achievements in character creation, we're honoring the top ten Mortal Kombatants that we've adored for years.

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zeal0us2643d ago

I knew sub-zero and scorpion would be on the top 10, some of them on the list I didn't really care for

soundslike2643d ago

If anyone I know every says "Johnny Cage is the best evar" I think I WILL punch them in the nuts.

as for scorpion...he lost his appeal in this game for me.

Sub-Zero852643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

1. Sub-Zero
4.Liu Kang
5.Kung Lao
8.Noob Saibot