Hulu Plus for Xbox 360 caught on video

Joystiq: "An anonymous tipster has sent Joystiq a video of Hulu Plus running on an Xbox 360. The video, which appears to be legitimate, shows off some of the interface as well as video playback. Overall, it's very similar to the interface used by Netflix, including the ability to search for programs and add them to the queue."

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LOGICWINS2638d ago

I was under the impression that the 360 already had Hulu Plus.

Zynga2638d ago

No yet but it will be on friday.

just_looken2638d ago

zune they have not hulu unless it was burried on the pos dashboard.

B1663r2638d ago

Hulu was more compelling when it launched... Now days it seems sorta meh...

That was the deal, make me watch ONE commercial, and I will watch your commercial, go ahead and make it a minute long.

But now I have have pay to watch a bunch of commercials... Meh, if I have to pay I will just buy the episodes off of zune.

dontbhatin2638d ago

i like the interface better on the ps3. you can navigate much quicker and everything loads instantly.

dontbhatin2638d ago

i bet all the people who disagreed with me have never even touched hulu plus on a ps3. but they will just deny that and say yes.

AAACE52638d ago

I didn't disagree with you, and I have never tried Hulu plus on Ps3! But owning a Ps3 and experiencing a Ps3 has left one tagline in my mind about the Ps3...

... Unnecessarily complicated to deal with!

dontbhatin2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

actually the ps3 is pretty simple to deal with IMO. i can find stuff soo much easier on my ps3 than on my 360. i use my ps3 much more often than i have a hard time remembering where stuff is on my 360. like setting up networks and media stream. all that is just a whole lot easier and more flexible with the ps3's XMB

Masterchef20072638d ago

The PS3s XMB interface is a lot easier to use then the one that the 360 has. Granted that the 360s store is easier to use but everything else is more complex than the XMB.

sp1deynut2638d ago

Pretty much anything worth watching on TV, is DVR'd by somebody, somewhere, and available on numerous torrent sites within days...if not hours. Between that, and Netflix, I hardly watch live TV anymore...and NEVER use Hulu, or similar sites.

SixZeroFour2638d ago

didnt you hear, the majority on n4g is against hackers who pirate, so they dont use torrents, therefore never watch/play/listen to anything they dont pay for

Zynga2638d ago

I use hulu and plus to watch bleach and other anime shows. So is just not for tv show purposes only and besides netflix doesn't even have all the episodes that hulu does.