The PSN Is Down-'Bucket List'

TGH Writes: "As many of us know the PSN is down until further notice or until the powers that be randomly flick the ON switch. When that may be nobody knows, all signs point to about a week from now. Many of us including myself hope for a much sooner timeframe. We decided to come up with a bucket list for all the PSN hopeless out there to accomplish. Let us know what you would add to the gaming bucket list."

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Treezy5042420d ago

I want to finish this Challenge Tower on MK9 before PSN comes back on :)

limewax2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Challenge 250 now, getting pretty tough, But yeah same, I have portal 2 and MK to keep me busy, Im in no real rush, would be happy to play a few online rounds and my GFs bro wants to play some Portal 2 on steam (has a killer rig lucky guy) but seriously, Its not like I cant have fun while I wait for it to be fixed

Treezy5042420d ago

Haha dude I had to skip 251 because not only do you have to fight Shao Kahn again but you have to fight Baraka and Sindel right before him and you only have one life bar to beat them all.

limewax2420d ago

ouch that sounds like it sucks. I got my ass kicked endlessly trying to kill Sheeva, Goro, Kintaro. And those guys have some real major weaknesses, I find characters like Baraka etc a lot less predictable. Can see that keeping me busy especially without any refills

jsslifelike2420d ago

I need to look into the Hulu reimbursement.

ShadyDevil2420d ago

Yeah, check your email and be sure to click the link in your email or they wont give you the $$ back.

just_looken2420d ago

i agreed shady i think hulu dissagreed.

Rob9462420d ago

I want to get a platinum or finish Portal 2 story and Co-op before PSN is back up.

Rybakov2420d ago

psht you could have done that 100 times since last week

Lesh04302420d ago

Working on Yakuza 4 right now

Rob9462420d ago

What do you think of it, I recently passed it thought it was great, thinking about going for the Platinum as well.

Lesh04302418d ago

I just finished it yesterday. I think it's a great game. Story's great and there's tons to do. After all side-missions, main story and some other activities, I'm only at 34% complete!

Ruggadagod2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

i already beat the game(the ending is the best experience I've had in a while). you should try the ultimate challenge. it's so damn fun.

@below: yeah you get a trophy for finishing. be prepared for the last boss match lol. you have to fight 12 bosses within 15 minutes.

Rob9462420d ago

Im about halfway through the ultimate challenges there pretty fun, there's no trophy for them though is there?

Gothdom2420d ago

I can't beat the batting cages. I hate them. More than in Yakuza 3. I guess I'll complete ex-hard without the gun.

SuperSaiyan42420d ago

The PSN is down?? Since when?? Oh wait hang on my bad LOL.

PirateThom2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Wait for the 500 "PSN is back" articles followed up with 300 "Is PSN now secure?" articles and a million "PSN is slower/faster than before/not working/still showing problems" articles.

ShadyDevil2420d ago

Don't forget the PSN Bricks PS3's! Oh and Firmware XXX release...and downloads ...super slow yeah. Just expect to hear PSN articles well into May. :)

HeavenlySnipes2420d ago

this guy. He trolls openly so we can all see him for what he is. Makes it easier to get them off the site. I h8 stealth trolls, they're the worst -__-

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The story is too old to be commented.