PlayStation Network Down: Brand Tarnished, But Sony Can Bounce Back

PlayStation Network, and indeed the PlayStation name, may have been irreparably harmed from the events of the last week... if Sony doesn't act to quickly counter the wave of negativity and stem the tide. The bad news is that the PSN disaster has already hit the mainstream – my father, a man in his 70s knows about this “PlayStation problem” and he doesn't even use the internet. The reports are spreading, there's talk of class-action lawsuits, and many gamers are simply fed up.

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donniebaseball2792d ago

Wow, very nicely written and some great examples in there. It's true, Sony just needs to be more open with consumers about this. Get pro-active Sony!

gaffyh2792d ago

LOL IndustryGamers are having a field day with these stories, they must have done 10 different stories by now.

just_looken2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

yep and gaffy its liek 0 looked and old topic with the same subject of past years. Here is another head line you might remember

micdonalds lead paint

Yet peaple still fn go there trust me this is a very very very small tarnish for sony.

blumatt2792d ago

I don't know about all this "brand tarnished" talk though. lol People are making this whole situation out to be a bit more than it really is. It does suck. I'll admit that, but to say Sony's brand is "tarnished" seems a bit hyperbolic.

darthv722792d ago

it is like MS and the RROD or BSOD hasnt tarnished them. People still continue to purchase and use their products.

Sony will be fine. I trust them with my information. My bank is insured against fraud.

Homicide2792d ago

Personally, I think it's too late for them.

crimsonfox2792d ago

your not all...

Zydake2792d ago

me too sadly. shit . =[

Zydake2792d ago

I take back what I say -shift eyes-

I just happened to talk with both MS reps and Sony reps

KingDustero2792d ago

Actually I support Sony more than ever now. They have down NOTHING wrong. They were protecting their customers, which got hackers angry. Those same hackers eventually hacked into PSN for a still UNKNOWN reason. Sony turned PSN off, which makes THEM LOSE MONEY to protect their customers.

Anyone who thinks Sony doesn't care about their customers is a complete ignorant fool. I'm ALWAYS going to buy Sony branded product of the one I'm buying if there is one.

mrv3212792d ago

Volkswagen made cars for the Nazi's driven by the Nazi's they don't seam to have a negative image now.

Hugo Boss designed clothes for the Hitler youth.

Boeing made the place that dropped a nuke and killed millions of people.

BP had a massive effect on the enviroment their doing better now

I'd consider those worse than not having enough security... mind you if you didn't trust everyone who doesn't have 'enough' security you'd trust no one, your wi-fi can be broken, your government has been hacked.

Max_Dissatisfaction2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Lol. Seriously?? Thats what you're gonna go for? Nazis? You do know the internet rule about using Nazi's in an arguement right?
You just lost the arguement

mrv3212792d ago

'urban dictionary
A place formerly used to find out about slang, and now a place that teens with no life use as a burn book to whine about celebrities, their friends, etc., let out their sexual frustrations, show off their racist/sexist/homophobic/anti- (insert religion here) opinions, troll, and babble about things they know nothing about.'

If you take Urban Dictionary as fact well... enjoy your Anti-gay, twilight, Neo-nazi orgy Jimmy age 17.

Menech2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )
It has nothing to do with the urban Dictionary.

It's called Godwin's law, and it's very much relevant.

And Steven Fry agrees you lose thus you do.

metsgaming2792d ago

i think its too late for your bubbles

BattleAxe2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Its not too late, but this is a massive setback. Consumers are going to have this in the back of their minds when they go to choose a console. Luckily Sony has some great exclusive games coming out in the fall to help bring them back into a positive light. NGP, Playstation Suite for Android and the new Playstation Tablet will help too. Who knows, they might even drop the price of the PS3 sooner rather than later to try and keep their momentum going forward.

Mr Tretton2792d ago

The day PSN comes back online, is the day everything just moves forward. People's memories are short. Like with RROD or XBL's downtime. People kept buying 360s.

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ERMAC_2792d ago

They came back from being on self-admitted life-support. They can easily bounce back from this. How they handle it from this point on will decide the speed.

Ruggadagod2792d ago

just another test of brand strength.

DigitalRaptor2792d ago

So true. The Sony and PlayStation brand is just too prominent and respected to be taken down.

Sony got through the media ostracization for the PS3, and they will pass through this too. I can't believe that article that published earlier about 'Sony being finished by 2012':

It just goes to show how out of place and irrelevant the 360 fanboy mindset is... Anything that site puts out from now on is officially garbage to me, and should be to any self-respecting gamer.

DigitalRaptor2792d ago

Oh well, if it wasn't already clear who you side with, now you've just labelled yourself as a 360 troll. Well done!

How will Sony not bounce back? I bet you were one of those back in 2006 saying "Blu-ray will fail" and "PS3 has no games" and "PS3 will fail". You think this whole situation will spell the end for Sony Computer Entertainment? You think people will just ignore the great games coming out, because their credit card information might have been leaked, even though it was well and truly encrypted?

Wishful thinking at its most desperate. Right now, Sony might be in a heap of trouble, but you'd be surprised how quickly people forgive and forget. RROD - remember that?