AMD releases Catalyst 11.4 drivers

AMD released the official Catalyst 11.4 drivers today. Performance improvements and bug fixes included.

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Bandrik2789d ago

Yay for new drivers! I hope they work well and don't introduce bugs (or at least, not TOO many).

Chaos692789d ago

Don't forget to delete the previous ATI drivers before you install the new one :)

dirthurts2789d ago

I've used ATI/AMD cards for years and have never had to do this.
I don't know how this rumor got started.
And driver sweep is the most awful thing ever created. Does anyone have any idea what kind of chaos that causes to the registry??? It's bad guys.

IaMs122789d ago

actually it has saved me, i was having problem with the ATI drivers restarting my computer. It wouldnt stay on for a day without restarting. It wasnt an overheating problem because after using driver sweeper and getting rid of all ATI and doing a fresh install it stopped.
Perhaps i was just one of the few it happened too.

BattleAxe2789d ago

Better to just stick with nVidia.

majiebeast2789d ago

Dont they get removed when you update drivers with steam?

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