Bungie Looking for Beta Testers for New Title

Dualshock Nexus: Bungie has opened up a site for people to register to be beta testers for there next game.

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therapist2784d ago

it better be pc only, they said their next game was gonna be next gen, pc is the only next gen thing around till the wii2 rolls out!!

Treezy5042784d ago

I hope it comes to all consoles (especially PS3). I can't wait to see what Bungie is cooking up. It's going to be rather interesting :)

xTruthx2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


Yeah.... that's not gonna happen lol

SuperSaiyan42784d ago

Did they really say their next game is going to be next gen?

Well PC's are not really next gen anything they are always changing so anything you buy today is already obsolete...

The day PC's aren't built in ATX cases and use big power supplies and have the usual ATX motherboards and the parts are all small and compact THEN that will be next gen.

PC's are still the same setup as they were from day 1, motherboard, case, ram, cpu etc etc I want to see a real leap in technology whereby a PC is something small and flat and really is futuristic.

But anyways developers have the ability to fully utilise any tech out there beit a high end pc or games consoles. Nothing is holding developers back from fully utilising each tech to its fullest only time and money.

xTruthx2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"PC's are still the same setup as they were from day 1, motherboard, case, ram, cpu etc etc

That's really impossible if you think anything like a computer can run by 1 piece of eqipment , you always need diff parts top carry diff objectives. How many parts do you think a car needs to work properly ? you think that just one part would make everything work ? You're living in fantasy lol. Things are always gonna get smaller tho

"I want to see a real leap in technology whereby a PC is something small and flat and really is futuristic"

Those are called laptops

chidori6662784d ago

hey troll,lol dragon ball is crap of anime.

SixZeroFour2784d ago

NEXT GEN, will always be whats WILL BE coming...anything thing thats out now (including PC) is called THIS GEN

its the same thing with "tomorrow" its always coming, but never arrives, because if it did arrive it would be called "today" or "the present"

jsslifelike2784d ago

"Please Rate How Well Each Of These Statements Describes How You Play Games"

"I Like to Provoke Or Irritate Other Players"

Heh, in a Bungie game, which answer would get you considered more closely? >_<

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ShadyDevil2784d ago

What could it be...PS3 Exclusive!!!

SuperSaiyan42784d ago ShowReplies(2)
Bnet3432784d ago

LMAO!! That was funny. Good one.

Bob5702784d ago

You don't actually think they will do that... do you? Because they won't.


Probably E3 they will reveal the title.

just_looken2784d ago

no doubt mabey for everyone it will be called modren halo combat with aa and regen helath with shields oh yeah 20million sold in 10hrs rofl.

ASSASSYN 36o2784d ago

I am confident it is a spelling game. I heard this from a reliable source.

Rybakov2784d ago

hell I'll sign up...tho after signing a contract with Activision i worry for there future *looks at the remains of Infinity ward*

SixZeroFour2784d ago

its only a publishing contract...activision has no say in how many titles they have to put out or even when they have to release the titles

Rybakov2784d ago

mhm tell that to treyarch who canceled all there other project by activisions orders to be an exclusive call of duty studio

SixZeroFour2784d ago

treyarch is owned by activision are they not? this is a different situation, bungie is still independently owned

also, activision is only has publishing rights for this ONE ip for 10 years, NOT every ip bungie makes within 10 years

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