Tales of the Abyss announced for North America

Latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals Tales of the Abyss is heading to North America.

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FlyWestbrook2672d ago

Good news, about time Namco started caring

Istanbull2672d ago

I played this game on the PS2, don't need to play it again on a handheld really.

blackblades2672d ago

Me to I don't know why they bring it to the 3ds.

firefoxprime2671d ago

I dunno...maybe for people who "haven't" played the game on the ps2....-sighs- morons.

Misterhbk2672d ago

YES YES YES! Another reason I'm glad I managed to grab a 3DS for very cheap. Never got to finish this on PS2 so now I'll have the chance. This and Zelda will finally make the purchase worth while, as I have zero 3DS games at the moment.

jc485732672d ago

bring out Vesperia then.

Peaceful_Jelly2672d ago

this game's gonna flop too and then Namco's not gonna bring more games to the west. I bet that any Tales release for the Xbox or PS3 would sell more than the 3DS and Wii combined yet they refuse to localize Xillia and Vesperia... Namco is being ran by a bunch of morons I tell you.

Is like SNK making exclusive games for the X360 in Japan and then they wonder why the company's in such a bad shape. I mean, really...? =/

Misterhbk2672d ago

This game actually has quite the chance for success being on the 3DS. With the library of games being so small, people are currently more willing to try things they otherwise wouldn't have. 3.6 million 3DS owners out there with very few games to play at the moment. This one has a huge chance of taking off since its better than just about every single 3DS game released thus far. The only argument one could have is that maybe street fighter is better.

maniacmayhem2672d ago

Vesperia didn't sell well in the US.

And i love that you think SNK is in bad shape because of their exclusives for the 360 in Japan. It goes deeper than that.

Shows how little you know of the industry.

Ruggadagod2672d ago

no ps3 version namco? it's gonna flop if it's not.

DNAbro2672d ago

it's a port of the ps2 version. do you really need it on the ps3?

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The story is too old to be commented.