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CheatCC says - The Apple iPad is quite possibly the biggest thing to hit mobile computing since the netbook. This tiny tablet packs some serious power under the hood, and gives you one-touch access to your email and the Internet. However, the iPad has some serious drawbacks, especially if you want to use it to play games. So, without further ado, here's five reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPad!

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Pikajew2636d ago

because there is a new ipad every week

ThatIrishGamer2636d ago

One of the worst articles I've seen on n4g. "basically a big iPhone". Erm, what? I have both devices and can safely say iPad is nothing like the user experience of an iPhone. Apps developed specifically for iPad shit all over iPhone apps. Using the browser and other apps is a completely different experience.

coolfool2636d ago

It's the accessory prices that get me. You can connect anything you want to the iPad as long as you're prepared to pay the dollars for the accessory to make it happen.

Ashira2635d ago

Looks more like a rant than a constructive article against buying the product. Fail.

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