Golden Fantasia Screenshots

Dualshock Nexus: Check out these 36 dazzling screenshots for Alchemist's fighting game Golden Fantasia (Ougon Musoukyoku X).

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Scyrus2789d ago

Very Bland Character designs, its colorful though, just wish they were more inspired.

blazblue's cast is very unique as is Guilty gears, one of the reason i love them.

and yes I can do better if anyone is gonna pull a (Well you cant do better) comment :P

I my avatar is one of my artworks...not to sound concided......actually I have a low self esteem in my art

:( which makes me keep trying to be better!!!!!........end rant

blackblades2789d ago

You drew that avatar its nice are you on deviant art.

Scyrus2789d ago

yeah im on deviant art,heres my portfolio http://midgard229.daportfol...

antauwnehart2789d ago

another crappy game from a crap developer! Well back to halo 3!