GGTL: What Portal 2 and its secrets mean for the Half-Life universe (Spoilers)

Gamer's Guide to, Wednesday 27th April 2011: A week after Portal 2's release, the internet is abuzz with talk of Aperture Science and its secrets. In an attempt to make sense of it all, GGTL editor Greg Mengel relays which conspiracy theories directly involve Gordon Freeman's Half-Life universe, and how.

GGTL: "Now that Valve has successfully released Portal 2, most of its fans expect the company to turn its focus back towards Gordon Freeman and the fight against the extraterrestrial Combine. We all know it's coming - the question is simply when. Fortunately for us, the cavernous depths of Aperture Laboratories offer not only a buffet of robot witticisms, but also a bountiful cornucopia of Half-Life Easter eggs, to feast on."

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PhilipLarkin2789d ago

Aww, man. I just want Half Life 3, alright?

Antholex2789d ago

Thing is, I'm sure there must be even more hidden in Portal 2 than has already been found.

Lamarthedancer2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I hope Half life says single player

Many games are being ruined by co-op multiplayer...only a few single player games which have added co-op/multiplayer have managed to pull it off even still Half life is a story driven FPS. I don't want to change that just so my friend can join in

Seriously if your a person who has been waiting ages for the next Half life and find out it's a no single player, only forced co-op would pretty mad

jerethdagryphon2788d ago

the clues always are in the ending songs, glados may be testing her but she wanted chell to get strong enough to escape bringing her back was not done by glados but an auxiliary security service ai

in the portal 2 song theres 2 lines that stand out

make a new disaster and thats what im counting on.

my guess is chell needs to be present to stop combine im guessing portal 3/halflife 3 will start with chell and the cube in some small appartment or hideout and will get a delivery or a message telling her to go to apature

NoobJobz2788d ago

sounds like I need to get Orange Box again and playthrough Half Life 2 again. I forgot almost everything about what happened in that game.