Anonymous IRC Chat Forcibly Closed

Platfrom Nation writes "As a result of these rumors, Anonymous IRC chat, Anonops , has been hacked into and forcibly closed. I wonder if these is a reaction to Anonymous being linked to the PlayStation Network Hack despite them denying responsibility, which I detailed in a previous article "

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Mr_cheese2666d ago

Hackers VS Hackers? Deary me

DWOM2665d ago

we should be glad! this is perfect, let the hackers hack each other and leave xbox, pc, and ps out of this!! Don't you think that?

alien6262665d ago

interesting...we will see how far this goes

rockleex2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Hackers VS Anonymous

Or maybe outraged PSN users VS Anonymous?

Lord_Doggington2665d ago

there's no reason to not believe sony hacked this site (or asked someone to...)

Sigh2665d ago

a real internet war?! OH MY!

HolyOrangeCows2665d ago

Some hackers actually fighting for GAMING, instead of some idiotic principles of "freedom of speech of giving away copy-protected info while making profit...I mean, donations/vacation money"?

I'm shocked!
No one on the internets likes games!!

sycnation2665d ago

right. its like the matrix where the programs are chasing each

Scyrus2665d ago

haha, actually i read yesterday Ex anonymous members are making a group to retaliate against anonymous, wonder if its these....this is gonna get messy

sycnation2665d ago

that sounds interesting
kinda like the evil vs. bad scenario
think "chronicles of riddick" sometimes we need a certain kind of bad to fight evil


Moentjers2665d ago

ssst, Skynet is one of our Belgian internet-providers and they are real evil ! the prices are SKY-high.

sycnation2665d ago



ComboBreaker2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

and you are the Resistance 3!

Neko_Mega2665d ago

Kid hacker Vs Real Hackers, it be funny if there is a group of hackers on are side (They really don't do it to gain anything like Anonymous says all the time).

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