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admiralvic2398d ago

will the madden curse strike?!

NYC_Gamer2398d ago

the curse of bad gameplay

labaronx2398d ago

lol nice dude, in all seriousness if you haven't try ncaa 11, it was really good

theherp802398d ago

happy to see him win but i hope he doesnt get hit by it. that vid of him running over the safety for a TD is awesome.

rrquinta2398d ago

I guess they decided Vick was too controversial?

dwightmccarthy2398d ago

maybe but the fans really had the say and i think people still hate that guy

bestofthebest2398d ago

thats what im saying Im not the biggest football geek but I do follow nfl and Im disapointed with this cover only football stars should grace the cover

labaronx2398d ago

he was a monster runningback that was playing for the denver broncos but was foolishly traded to the cleveland browns for brady quinn....

DiLeCtioN2398d ago

lol i thought the title said paris hilton..i was about to rage type

trikster402398d ago

As a Razorback fan, YAAAAAAAAAAY!

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The story is too old to be commented.