Breach Complicates Sony's Network Ambitions

TOKYO—The hacker who penetrated Sony Corp.'s online PlayStation videogame service and possibly collected credit-card data from millions of users delivered a blow to the company's long-pursued but elusive goal of linking its consumer electronic devices to an online network of movies, music and videogames.

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Close_Second2669d ago

Lets just get back to basics and get the bloody thing back up again so we can multiplay again!

Homicide2669d ago

Sad days for Sony. The media is having a fit over this, customers are angry/impatient about the matter, and now Sony's image has been tarnished. This might very well be the end for Sony.

C_Menz2669d ago

End of Sony? LOL, far from it.. Sony isn't just in gaming, and overall it may hurt it's short term stock prices and revenue but in the long run it won't hurt them that much.

house2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

talk about over reacting a bit

everyone keeps pointing fingers to Sony yet when it comes to point the finger to the person that is responsible the hacker no one seems to talk about it the reason psn is down, the reason why some data got stolen is because of hackers

it wouldn't have been hacked if the hackers would have just left it alone anyone with calm and sense knows anything can be hacked if a government site can be hacked what makes you think psn cant be hacked

undercovrr2669d ago

So you're saying its 100% the hacker's fault and 0% Sony's fault? This would have NOT HAPPENED in the first place if Sony hadn't cut costs in their PSN security

ash_divine2669d ago


And how exactly do you know they cut costs?

lee_ten2669d ago

undercovrr: so we completely ignore what hackers did and shift the blame to sony. okay, great logic there. /s

jonboi242669d ago

Or a turning point in society. Though this will ultimately hurt Sony's image, I doubt it will keep them down for long. Look at those automobile manufactures that had to have their government to bail them out with billions of dollars. They lost face and eventually it was forgotten. Could Sony have done a better job, of course they could have but you have to face the fact that the internet is not safe and do be honest it never was. Sony is not the first and won't be the last major company to be hacked. This is a warning that nothing is safe now a days. I mean look at all the info we give out everyday on the internet. Facebook, iTunes, Xbox live and etc, all our info is out there and is pretty much available for any hacker(s) to get. The internet needs to change for the better or people will continue to abuse it.

ZBlacktt2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Good statement. It's todays news. Give it a month when everyone is back to gaming online. Just like no one talks about the Xbox 50% fail rate anymore. Neither will this be front page. People all live and learn. Then move on.

ceedubya92669d ago


People on this site still bring up the early 360 failure rate from time to time.

But I agree, people won't be talking about this too much once its all finally sorted out.

ZBlacktt2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Google hacking... you'll see many large companies have been hacked into. Even the Pentagon which is our countries ( US ) National Defense.

SuperSaiyan42669d ago

I wouldn't call a plane landing in it hacked more like semi-blown up?

v1c1ous2669d ago


you cant be this retarded...

ZBlacktt2669d ago

v1c1ous, it seems he can be.

Max_Dissatisfaction2669d ago

I don't know about retarded, but he's hilarious. Last couple of comments of his have been flooring me with laughter

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ComboBreaker2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

The end for Sony?

Actually, this is a new beginning for Sony.

This is going to force Sony to rebuilt itself. Strengthen itself. Hardened itsef.

Sony's going to raise up from this fall and Sony is going to be tougher than ever. And better than ever.

"And why do we fall, Bruce?"
"So we can learn to pick ourselves up." - Thomas Wayne

Sony, The Dark Knight, rises.

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metsgaming2669d ago

Was there any real gaming news the past week. Im sure there was but with everything here being about psn i cant think of any. What was some news about actual games this week?

Kemicalbeliefs2669d ago

That games still work, even without PSN. Apart from some EA games, which we should be shouting at them for linking the actual game to the network and not Sony.

montyburns0002669d ago

it will be remembered, guaranteed. clock fiasco? nothing compared to this.

Max_Dissatisfaction2669d ago

LA NOIRE is better on ps3, news that I remember from this week

ZBlacktt2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

There's another one of those catch words

"The hacker who penetrated Sony Corp.'s online PlayStation videogame service and "possibly" collected credit-card data from millions of users ".

Every story is full of them. Real attention grabbers to raise hype and fear. In the hopes you read right over it and just go OH MY GOD! SOMEONE STOLE MY INFO!!1!1!!

B1663r2669d ago

Sont's own faq uses corporate weasel words to describe the disposition of cc# data which is why you should take action based upon the certainty that your cc# was stolen along with all your personal data.

The only reason Sony hasn't admitted, and wont admit, that your cc# was stolen is legal liability.

But other than that, you should do what sony tells you to do, call your bank and request a new cc#. Although you have to read between the lines of the PSN FAQ to get that answer. (again if they came out and told you to call your bank and request a new cc# they would be on the hook for the cc# change fee)

ZBlacktt2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Opinion right? Next, I own a company and I'm pretty aware on what to do. For starters, I don't leave my CC number in my PSN account. Unless you are buying stuff everyday, why would you? Knowing darn well many other large data holding companies have had issues like this.

Wish I had my 9 bubbles back before the site change, lol. :(

ZugZug II2669d ago

Is ps3 still better sonyfags?

thehitman2669d ago

Considering I got games to play even w/ PSN in a mess and my 360 friends have no games to play with their XBL working ya it is.

ceedubya92669d ago

Both of you should just stop.

linko18-19902669d ago

Your such a troll, you talk crap about ps3, bcuz you probably don't have one. but in the inside you know, you want to play those great ps3 only games. I also own a 360, and to be honest, I haven't touched that shit since I got bored of halo reach couple of months ago. now only my little brother plays it, thats why xbl its so full of little whiny girls.

Dart892669d ago

Awww look someone's trolling the ps3 articles cuz he has no games to play xDDDD.