2 new Blu-Ray Players from Denon

Denon cares about you, movie-buff, and you need only look at the company's two latest Blu-ray player offerings to realize that. Enter the DVD-3800BD and DVD-2500BT, the former supports 1080p, 12-bit DAC at 297MHz, the exciting acronyms of D.D.S.C-HD (or Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-HD), and D.P.I.C. (Denon Pixel Image Correction), plus HDMI, RCA / BNC, and RS-232C connectivity.

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nasim4076d ago

Transformer only increased BD : HD DVD's sales margin

5:1 now from 2:1 5 days ago

HD DVD is dead

cuco334076d ago

you are ANNOYING! No one likes you on here. You spin the worst FUD of any fanboy I know. Sometimes I laugh at things you say, othertimes I can't believe a troll actually says things you say.
If you knew anything, you'ld know BDA was up to their sneaky ways by offering buy one get one free at Circuit City and $10 BDs on sale at Fry's to COUNTER Transformers week. Competition is good for the consumer, if the BDA wants to GIVE away BDs, by all means bring it. But what exactly does anything you say relate to DENON releasing 2 new BD players?

ON TOPIC, Nice to see a high quality manufacturer like Denon dishing these out.

Loopy4076d ago

Everyone is entitled to speak. Your opinion doesn't standout any better than nasim.

xm15e2s4076d ago

Wrong, nasim.
If anything is dead, it's the PS3.
HD DVD is still very much alive and is giving the Blu-ray camp major headaches.
Sony has a long list of Fuk-ups, and Blu-ray looks like it may soon be added to that list.

pwnsause4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

O RLY??? Last time I heard the HD-DVD camp doesnt count the PS3 as stand alone, cause they know they're getting their ass whooped cause of the PS3. It shows that blu-ray is dominating in software as well or how about Transformers running on 5.1 Surround sound instead of 7.1, or how about the AACS encryption key that was broken???? Or how about HD-DVD 51gb disc not being compatible with older players, while the 100gb Blu-ray disc is with firmware update? Face it, Sony learned their mistakes from the Betamax days. Face it HD-DVD is Dead, just like how Hip Hop is dead HD-DVD is Dead

TheFatOne4076d ago

xm15e2s - although we both agree nasim is an ahole I have to disagree with you about BD considering HD DVD doesn't even count the PS3 as a stand alone.

HBK4076d ago

At 2000 bucks or more, you need a second job. Good luck selling that to the mass.

Antiomo4076d ago

Even my low end denon reciever is more expensive than a high end sony reciever.

demolitionX4076d ago

Denon is a benchmark in audio/video electronics, going to blu-ray says a lot!!! Toshiba and M$ are just wasting their time and wasting whoever buying HD DVDs' money! I feel sorry for HD DVD people.