New Super Mario Bros. Wii Named Game of the Year in Japan's CESA Awards

Nintendo Life: New Super Mario Bros. Wii was Nintendo's big Christmas hit of 2009, sweeping all before it in a multi-coloured wave of shells, fire flowers and multiplayer rage. It wasn't just a big hit with consumers though, netting a range of awards, the latest being the Grand Award from Japan's Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA).

Voted for by gaming luminaries including Masahiro Sakurai, Shinji Mikami, Shuu Takumi and more, New Super Mario Bros. Wii won the Grand Award as Game of the Year.

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Titanz2491d ago

Something both, casual and core players can enjoy.

swishersweets200312491d ago

I want a super mario bros wii part 2

GameTavern2491d ago

I'm still crossing my fingers for Project Cafe launch title with online play!

Temporary_Name2491d ago

That doesn't seem very likely. Nintendo could have included online play with this one too but they chose not to because they believe that people should play together in "The Living Room".

And no, it was named GotY 2009. This is old news

GameTavern2491d ago

I'm confused.. Mario was a 2009 name game.. are they just now doing the awards for that in April 2011?

MonopolyRSV2491d ago

Not anywhere near as good as the original Super Mario World.