Surprise: The Captain America Game Does Not Suck

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Sega's reputation for super hero games is not exactly glowing. After two medicore "Iron Man" games and an equally middling "Incredible Hulk" game, no one would fault you for writing off any future Sega super hero projects as skippable. But at least one of those projects seems to be bucking the trend: "Captain America: Super Soldier".

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Rynx2790d ago

Surprise! Written by MTV...

Zydake2790d ago

That's not a surprise they write bs i expect it from them

cowkimon2790d ago

I'll believe it when I play it. Until then, the only good video game to come from a movie was Aladdin for the SNES.

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RockmanII72790d ago

Came out a long time after the movies did, but Super Star Wars was fun

TheEatingChampagne2790d ago

Riddick was incredible.
Wolverine was decent.

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antauwnehart2790d ago

NO! You will believe now for I am your creator!

Man In Black2790d ago

Scarface game was surprisingly good, as well as the first Godfather game (sequel suck ass).

Venox20082790d ago

Chronicles of riddick :)

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