How Not To Be a Douche in Portal 2

IGN writes: "Planning on playing Portal 2 co-op? Here are 5 things you shouldn't do if you want to be a responsible teammate".

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cowkimon2789d ago

Number One - Don't high-five after every. Goddamn. Portal. Number Two - Don't cry when I won't high-five you.
Number Three - Seriously, stop crying. I didn't mean it.
Number Four - ...will you stop crying if I give you a high-five?
Number Five - *sigh* I hate you, Steve.

FAGOL2789d ago

LOL. Can't wait to play co-op. Damn PSN how long do I have to wait?

Zydake2789d ago

play on pc its the same thing and you get that modding function

FAGOL2789d ago

I would if my PC wasn't a ancient piece of crap. I planning to upgrade it during the summer though.

just_looken2789d ago

according to the vid coop sounds fun and if your upgradeing go with a high end 2008 rig its all you need :).

Steven212789d ago

cant wait to be able to activate it on my mac this is some shit having to wait to activate it because psn isnt up

il-mouzer2789d ago

in the meantime, install steam on your mac and play the tonne of freebie games there are :D

ISKREEM2789d ago

I'm guilty of number three. >_>

SuperSaiyan42789d ago

I play this on the PS3 online? Oh wait soz forgot its still down and getting hacked...So I guess its off to the Xbox 360.

limewax2789d ago

just get a life...please?

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The story is too old to be commented.