Iwata Teases Unannounced Wii Software Yet Again, What Fits the Bill?

At the recent Nintendo investors' meeting, company president Satoru Iwata talked about upcoming releases for the Wii - including a batch of "unannounced software" set to hit this year. The guys over at Zelda Informer try their hand at speculating what Nintendo might have up its sleeve.

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Temporary_Name2701d ago

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
2. The Last Story
3. Xenoblade
4. Kirby's Dreamland
5. Pikmin 3
6. Pandora's Tower
7. Dragon Quest X
8. Rhythm Heaven
9. Earth Seeker
10.Fatal Frame 2R

A few more surprises at E3 will guarantee that this is Wii's best year as far as software goes!

Cajun Chicken2701d ago


Seijoru2700d ago

Nope still more excited for the PC/PS3 exclusive line up.

Kamikaze1352700d ago

Too bad some of those games will never make it out of Japan. Either way, all of them come out after or close to when the Wii is being phased out; it makes you think about how long it will take to get some good games on Nintendo's next console.

Sigh2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Dragon Quest X and Zelda are the big ones for me.

intro2700d ago

this can't be the best year for wii so far... zero games have been released in 2011 of any worth!

that line up is good but come on... a good year has good games throughout. if all those games turn up in the last three months of the year it will have been a shit year.

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Ilikegames762700d ago

Too bad it's going to be ignored with all the PSN being hacked news in the headlines.

gii bro2700d ago

Why is PSN being hacked big news. It just shows how useless their online is.

TheCagyDies2700d ago

Pikmin 3 is long overdue.

ChickeyCantor2700d ago

I hope its for the next console honestly.
It will really add up to the environment.
And more pikmins =D

TheCagyDies2700d ago

I always dreamed of a Pikmin war with thousands of Pikmin fighting hundreds of the larger insects with Captain Olimar leading the charge.

ChickeyCantor2700d ago

That selfish bastard....LOL