Binary Domain, Sega’s Futuristic Squad Shooter, Won’t Be In Stores Until 2012

"After announcing Binary Domain late last year, Sega hasn’t said much about their futuristic shooter. Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the Yakuza series and Super Monkey Ball, is leading development on Binary Domain. Set in 2080, this PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game has humans battling robots in Tokyo. If you missed it, here’s a teaser trailer for Binary Domain"

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

If that trailer was anything to go by this game needs a new writer.

Actually the story sounds good but the script is horrible.

rdgneoz32791d ago

Yah, the story / premise of it sounds interesting, but the dialogue in the trailer is not the greatest.