High Ranking Japanese Politician Comments on PSN Breach

The PSN breach is national news in Japan, where Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, one of the government's highest ranking officials, has chimed in about leaked player info.

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InLaLaLand2403d ago

Bring the Gokudo and Kiryu Kazuma (LMAO) to lay the smackdown on all hackers candy asses!!!

JLeVRT2403d ago

Im watching CNN and theyre talking about it now

LightofDarkness2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Every 24 hour rolling news station is going to harp on about this for as long as they can. That's what they have to do to keep things going, to maintain a sense of urgency. They have to make news when there is none, because in reality, not much of anything with any real significance happens throughout the day.

Now honestly, this is kind of big news. But it's big news for gamers, not really the people who don't even know what a PSN is (they probably think it's txt-speek for "pissing"). But 24 hours news will make you know, and will be damned sure as to inform you about why you're so scared of it. They get to call in one of their greatest boogeymen too: hackers. The populace at large don't really understand hackers and what they do, only what stations like Fox and Sky News tell them. This means the stations have inordinate power over the viewers' reaction to the story, which they're often more than willing to use with a bludgeoning effect. "Sony Security Breach" becomes "Hackers steal potential millions from Sony Playstation owners."

Aye, 'tis a sad, sad world.

2403d ago
KingDustero2403d ago


No it took Sony LESS THAN TWENTY FOUR HOURS that personal data MIGHT have been leaked once THEY KNEW ABOUT IT.

Sony told their customers AS SOON AS THEY KNEW.

I can't believe how idiotic some people are. Once PSN is back online NO ONE will be talking about this anymore.

The biggest problem this has caused is not being able to play online for over a week.

firefoxprime2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Coulda sworn that was Jackie Chan LMAO!

theafroman2403d ago

Year of the PS3 has a different meaning now.

just_looken2403d ago

yep the year everyone went omg its possable to hack????? and never realized this is all old fn news poor sony made headlines with a old subject.

Lindsey2403d ago

This story is national news everywhere now. I was just watching MSNBC and they devoted like 10 mins to the story and were even claiming it to be the biggest breach of personal information ever.

lee_ten2403d ago

and yet there were bigger breaches than this. go figure.

ugabugaz2403d ago

Specifically the TJMaxx + Heartland Processing breaches.

Lindsey2403d ago

Why the disagree's? I wasn't stating that as fact, I was stating what I saw on TV.

theafroman2403d ago

In N4G the truth gives you thumbs down.

NYC_Gamer2403d ago

because some people cant handle the fact that their fav company is under fire

Sono4212403d ago

lmao yeah first mistake there was watching MSNBC

JMyers2403d ago

I hope these guys are found. To be honest I wish the focus was on finding them, and making people aware, rather than just making Sony looks negligent.

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DocHoliday2403d ago

Hasnt Japan been through enough already? This PSN breach is probably the least of their concerns.

showtimefolks2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

within a few weeks most will forget about this. and people act like this is the first company who's online servers have been hacked people hack feds computers and if you are happy for some weird reason that sony got hacked

ms will be next what's stopping the hackers stop being fanboys this is a bad situation for gamers in general. these so called hackers are bad for these companies as bad as they are for us gamers.

here is hooping someone actually finds them and bring them to justice system


media just want some news i guess its a slow news day

has there been any legit claims about credit card info being stolen?

let's all just chill and hopefully sony will have a real secure system from now on these hackers mean business its time to get serious other companies mainly ms has to learn from this because a lot of people are also signed up for xblive keep that safe


i am glad from you comment you must be 15 so we need mature gamers on psn anyway enjoy whatever you play

NatureOfLogic2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

actually, Im done with PSN from now on.

so, Im guessing by my number of disagrees I'll be seeing you guys when Playstation Network is back up and running :) /s

lee_ten2403d ago

you never had a ps3 to begin with so back to the cave you go.

awesomeperson2403d ago

From your comment history it is highly doubtful whether you were actually using PSN -.-

KonaBro2403d ago

I doubt you ever had a PS3 to begin with. Get out of here clown.

Lindsey2403d ago

I forgot to mention that MSNBC also messed up and said that Credit Card info was stolen. As far as their motivation for airing the story, it's BIG NEWS. It's not a slow day either. Obama released his birth certificate this morning and the head of the Federal Reserve held their first ever press conference in the history of the FED. Not to mention Trum taking credit for the Obama thing and now wanting to see his college transcripts.

So all in all I think that this Sony story is HUGE and only getting bigger. CNN and FOX were talking about it as well for a few minutes each. For them to devote even 5 or 10 mins to the story considering all the news today just goes to show how big the Sony story is getting.

jack_burt0n2403d ago

Did they mention the hundreds of tons of nuclear material spewing into the sea and air, and coming across onto the west coast!?

Strange world we live in.

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