PlayStation Network Down: Was Data Permanently Deleted In Breach?

PlayStation Network user data was stolen in the breach of PSN; Sony's confessed to that. But what's not known is what kind of state PSN was actually in when the outage occurred. Sony says it shut the service down as a reaction to the "external intrusion," but what if the hackers were able to seriously cripple the network by modifying or outright deleting whole chunks of PSN data?

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donniebaseball2792d ago

Oh man... that would suck. Al the Trophies and everything would be gone :(

CynicalVision2792d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about trophies, even if they were deleted from the servers I'm sure you could re-sync the ones you have already have on your system.

In theory most people should already have their entire collection of trophies on their system anyway, of course i'm not accounting for those guys who have formatted their system.

guitarded772792d ago

+ bubbles for using common sense and breaking down the fear machine.

Dead_Cell2792d ago

Far too much common sense and serious lack of screaming in that post, I have to bubble you down CynicalVision.

DOMination2792d ago

Of course, the re-sync would only work if they didn't delete your entire account...

young juice2792d ago

on the up side. if everything is gone.

gives me chance to snag a better name. young juice aint too fresh no mo. naw mean. ima go for "sweet tooth" or "sequence" or "alpha boner" hahalol

Elimin82792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I agree you shouldn't have to worry about your trophies and I'll tell you what else, PSN being down is another reason to get rid of online trophies *not that we expected this to happen but in a case like this, I want to enjoy playing through n through n not have to wait to plat a game! In Crysis 2 case, double wait... 1. PSN is down 2. The "dedication" trophy. Being forced to play a game you've traded/given up on for a PLAT trophy is NOT fun...

metsgaming2792d ago

the only thing they could have removed that you couldnt get back is possibly you friends list. BTW if you have money in your psn wallet i would check to make sure the amount is what it was before all this (when its back up). Always keep the email they send you about adding your funds.

I_Guts_I2792d ago

And the people who have recently had to replace their ps3.

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joydestroy2792d ago

yeah that would suck but i don't care so much about trophies and that stuff. i'd have no problem playing through stuff again =P

TheDeadMetalhead2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Blah blah blah, more rumors and speculation, just like the last 25 articles. Even if your trophies are off of the network, it still has the data in your offline account on your harddrive. Just resync and you're fine.

This is now a Scorpion thread.

Man In Black2792d ago

I'm a little more worried about things like my purchases being deleted than trophies.

GodsHand2792d ago

That's why I have all my emails that will confrim I did in fact purchase said content, if they have no record of it.

But I can see others who do not have proof of such purchases, by using the PSN card, or having deleted their email confrimation.

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Mr_cheese2792d ago

Its all backed up surely?

Cosmit2792d ago

I'm hoping it is. Trophies, like CynicalVision said, would probably just have to be re-synched.

But what type of data? As in like multiplayer game data or what?

Soldierone2792d ago

IF they deleted anything, it was most likely network functionality. Users and everything is separate in differnt areas. So if they went to these areas and deleted stuff, then yeah users could have been removed, trophies (if the server doesn't have the trophy data, you can't sync it), Home could of been damaged, developer content could have been altered, and several back end things could of been messed with.

Cosmit2792d ago

Ahh alright gotcha. Thanks.

Soldierone2792d ago

Yeah no doubt its all backed up. They simply could look at what was damaged, how it was accessed, work on a fix and start a restore process. Once restored, implement the fixes.

If Sony didn't do that, then there is a problem entirely. Another thing is these backup servers should have been offline in an external area unless being used to backup data.

InLaLaLand2792d ago

Are trophies sa..IT DOESN'T MATTER ;-D

Money and personal information does matter!!!


What if Unicorns exist inside the PSN, can I get some facts instead of these baseless rumors being on the front page of

B1663r2792d ago

Baseless rumors are what happens when a fortune 500 companies service goes off line for a week and they have offered a grand total of two paragraphs of information to fill the void.


Doesn't look like 2 paragraphs to me. They have created a FAQ and have been updating their official blog every day.

Rybakov2792d ago

well save files aren't connected to psn just my tag so im not to concerned

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