'Steal everything' era of hacking - BBC

The devastating attack on the PlayStation Network (PSN) is yet another illustration of how technology-savvy criminals are determined to get their hands on our personal information.

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ERMAC_2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

"Other gaming networks, such as Microsoft's Xbox Live, could be vulnerable, experts claim."

O lawd. If live or steam got hacked I wouldn't go anywhere near this site for at least 3 weeks. Nothing but Hacker articles as far as the eye can see.

a_bro2789d ago

its not that it could be vulnerable, its that it is vulnerable. The thing is Microsoft's expertise is on stuff like this, so the difficulty of hacking there is higher than Sony.

InLaLaLand2789d ago

I dunno about XBOX live, but Windows that's a different story.

metsgaming2789d ago

I wanted to see if i could get a game on steam but you have to use your credit card, i didnt want to do this as i didnt do it with psn because i knew this stuff happens. Hopefully steam will get a card so you can add money without having to use a credit card, im pretty sure they dont have one.

CDbiggen2789d ago

I miss the days when gaming didn't compromise my bank details =(

InLaLaLand2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Off-topic, I miss the days when every gamer just played games just for fun not just brag about pixels (sigh).

I do feel for the legitimate gamers who could be affected by this situation.

Godmars2902789d ago

Meh, I miss the days when devs were at least slightly creative and not pimping graphics and online multiplayer.

dalibor2789d ago

I miss the days when dlc wasn't around and you could enter passwords in practically almost every game. And how about having a kick_ss art cover and manual inside the gaming case. Or just the mass amount of different games you could play ranging from so many genres.

Snakefist302789d ago

I miss the days where there were no fanboys just gamers.

CDbiggen2789d ago

What days were those? xD

For as long as I've been gaming (Genesis/SNES era) there have always been fanboys.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2789d ago

Would chopping off a hackers hands be too big a punishment for this?

dalibor2789d ago

Not at all. But even better would be able beat the snot out of these hackers personally or somehow hack into their bank accounts and take their funds. See how they would like it.

negroguy2789d ago

Im just I was able to live in a great era with the PS2 and the N64. Days when you walk into the store not knowing about the game and just look on the back of the box to read about it and decide if you wanna get it. Good times.

BlackTar1872789d ago

dude those days went all the way back to NES. I used to love those days. Actually some of the best games ive ever played were that way. Tenchu(ps1) and Snatcher(Sega CD) 2 of my top 10 fav games of all time.

Also i remember is saved all my money to buy a PS1 and jut luckly grabbed RE1 and it is maybe my favorite singular game of all time.

Rybakov2789d ago

miss those days and when online first started everyone was polite instead of screaming dude things at the top of there lungs

BlackTar1872789d ago

yea i remeber playing Socom 1 and everyone was so nice etc. times have changed.

Obv socom 1 wasn't my 1st online game but it was my first non lan online game that i had a mic for.

Rybakov2789d ago

aw man unreal on xbox was the best online experience i ever had so long ago.......

MGRogue20172789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Hackers will always win.. unfortunately.

BlackTar1872789d ago

this is true. Just like with all criminals in every facet of life. Good guys are always playing catch up you cannot anticipate everything. Its just not possible

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