PlayStation Network Down: PS3 Sales Won't Be Hurt, says Pachter

PlayStation Network being down is pretty frustrating for many gamers and the PR hit that Sony is taking because of the stolen personal information from PSN is significant, but at the end of the day, Sony's PS3 may be just fine. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter surprisingly sees no real impact on PS3 hardware sales as a result of this PSN fiasco, nor does he see gamers flocking en masse to Xbox 360.

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TBM2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

why would i flock to other sysetms when i own all 3? i don't play the stupid fanboy card because each system has games that i'd want to play.


i love gaming its one of my favorite hobbies, and since i've been gaming since early 80s way back with atari 2600 then NES i don't let names of companies stop me from purchasing a console. if you console has a game or two that interest me i will buy it period.

i gotta say though this generation has been pretty damn expensive lol.

iamnsuperman2608d ago

i envy you. Can't afford 2 let alone 3.

KwietStorm2608d ago

I would think that it's obvious this doesn't even apply to you then. I'm not even being sarcastic..what was the point of your comment?

TBM2608d ago


it's called free speech and i can comment on anything i want don't know why it bothers you so much lol.

joydestroy2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

iunno, if i were getting into gaming and wanted a PS3, i'm not so sure i'd lay down $300 right now. i'd likely wait for PSN to come back up, then take the plunge.

maybe... lol

B1663r2608d ago


I read this as "Patcher confirms that PS3 will suffer massive sales lost due to PSN network outage"

Because Patcher is ALWAYS wrong.

UnNaTuRaL12608d ago

LOL oh snap Pachter is wrong oh 90% of the time! It really relieves me to hear that all coming from his dumb ass mouth.

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donniebaseball2608d ago

Uh-oh, he says sales won't be hurt, so that must mean PS3 sales will tank in April!

just_looken2608d ago

omfg your right how will sony recover all they are is a game company right /s. again sheep forget the many green streams sony has

Snake-eater2608d ago

pachter is on a roll with his last few comments, makes you wonder if he is behind this PSN mess

NBT912608d ago

He stole peoples credit card information and used it to purchase some common sense apparently

LoganX2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

First of all, why would th sales get hurt? It's just an outage that might last for a week. It's not like some killing machine that guts you and sets you on fire or something.

joydestroy2608d ago

might last a week? uh, today would be that week mark you're referring to...

i'd say more like 2 weeks.

Bnet3432608d ago

PSN sales hurt though. This is a week of no one being able to download anything through PSN. It might, MIGHT, hurt game sales. I had a friend on Live who bought Portal 2 for the 360 because of PSN being down. So maybe in that sense, but PS3 sales overall, nah, won't be affected.

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The story is too old to be commented.